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Lost Heart


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Hannah, a burnt out, mega-music star, returns to her small Northern Michigan hometown of Lost Heart, for her estranged father's funeral. There she will confront the ghosts of her past and perhaps find her peace and balance once again.

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Reviewed by garrynation 9 /10

A Feel-Good Movie with Just a Touch of Unidentified Flying...Somethings

This is a feel-good movie that is uplifting without trying too hard.

Hannah Sweet, whose real name is Hannah Howard, is right at the point of a drunken career meltdown when she hears of her father's death. Reluctantly but having nowhere else to go, she returns to her northern Michigan hometown of Lost Heart to confront her past. As if the situation were not hard enough as it is, she finds that her abusive, alcoholic father had in her absence become a much loved and respected member of the tight knit community.

Melissa Anshutz is so believable as a burned out country singer that one watches the whole movie before realizing she hasn't sung a note in the whole thing. The singing instead is done by her young niece Elsie (beautifully played by Taylor Dupuis, who also co-wrote the heart-tugging country song that voices the theme of the story). Don Most plays a somewhat unconventional minister whose gentle spirit provides a counterbalance to Hannah's unquenchable anger.

It could all descend into maudlin melodrama, but the script by DJ Perry is filled with a gentle, character driven humor, and director Jesse Low keeps the emotional level honest without getting too heavy. One of the real jewels in this production is Josh Perry, an actor with Downs Syndrome whose character is integral to the storyline and is a delight to watch. Another jewel is SNL alum Victoria Jackson in a role far from her comedic persona, who gives a surprisingly touching performance as Hannah's mother.

The small town vibe hasn't been constructed on a back lot. The location is real and fresh and displays the love the filmmakers have for their native state of Michigan. But while the "look" of this movie may be vintage, rustic Hallmark, this is not a formulaic film of contrived plot twists. The surprises that emerge come out of the humanness of the characters honestly played.

Lost Heart is a movie about the soul and there are spiritual and religious themes at work, but in line with CDI's customary approach, these themes are broached in ways that make the viewer think and not cringe. While it never gets preachy, it does carry a note of uplifting faith. Might just have a tiny touch of the supernatural? Depends. Do you believe in UFA's--Unidentified Flying Angels?

Reviewed by connie-110 10 /10

Lost Heart a beautiful film

This was a wonderful movie. It was very touching and could make you laugh and cry. The acting was excellent and the production was great.

The story is about a Country Singer who is an alcoholic because of the way she was treated as a child and young woman by her father. She left home as a teenager and never went back. Her father dies, and she has to go home for her mother and aunt. That's when she finds out her father had changed.

Watch the movie to find out what happens!!

Reviewed by nkcena 9 /10

One Of The Best Films Of 2020

After seeing close to 200 2020 films, I had the honor of watching Lost Heart starring Melissa Anschutz and Don Most. This is a religious Dramedy with tons of heart and humor. Hannah (Melissa Anschutz) is a burnt out music star, who returns to her hometown Lost Heart, Michigan due to the death of her father. Her father wasn't the nicest man during her upbringing, little does she know he turned into a caring man taking in Chip (Josh Perry). Hannah has not forgiven her father, but after she confronts the demons and ghost of her past, can she forgive her father and regain her happiness. We also get a side plot with Elise who wants to be a singer that makes it big just like Hannah. However her boyfriend isn't happy with her dreams, which could lead to the end of their relationship.

The only problem I had with Lost Heart was some of the side plot. I felt that the screenplay focused too much on Elise and her boyfriend, but that's a minor problem. Melissa delivers a fabulous performance as does Don Most. The filmmakers know how to balance Drama and Comedy. We get some emotional scenes with Chip as well as some really funny comedic moments the weigh each other out perfectly. The cinematography isn't anything groundbreaking,but it's well done, with pristine editing and lighting techniques. Lost Heart is not one to miss this year.

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