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Bill Bailey: Dandelion Mind


Comedy / Documentary



Featuring Bill's trademark musical interludes, observations and stories of the road, Dandelion Mind will be based loosely on the theme of doubt (or will it?).


Kevin Eldon
as Himself
Bill Bailey
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Reviewed by mysterio_cluez 10 /10

Amazingly funny show!!!!!

At this stage of his career, there is simply no doubt that Bill Bailey is indeed a stand up legend. Combining his hilarious observational humour with his inspired songs, he is a truly unique comedian, and to some extent could even be called a rock star. In this tour that stretched all over the world, from Dublin to Sydney, Bill Bailey touches on such things as famous Artworks to how Manchester United's Wayne Rooney's face looks like a cabbage. His sublime brand of comedy is possibly best showcased in this show. Once you are in his engaging grasp you can't let go until this pee-in-your-pants funny show is finished. Every minute is just as funny as the last. If you haven't yet discovered Bill's wonderful talents this is perfect for you.


Reviewed by bob the moo N/A

Sometimes reaching but when he gets moving he is very funny

I can take or leave Bill Bailey at times. Sometimes I have found him brilliant other times his comedy leaves me feeling unmoved; I think the difference is that at times I can really get into his specific brand of imaginative nonsense while others I can't and am left looking in from the outside. With Dandelion Mind I was sort of in both places but generally I found this show very funny and enjoyable. It is a very big venue to do comedy and at the start I didn't like the large screens behind him because they just seemed to exist for the sake of filling space – they are used during the show but it did still give me this impression.

There are times during the show where Bailey does and says things without links or development and for me these are the bits that don't work as well. By contrast when he gets into a flow of building up a funny image or situation, or has running jokes then he works very well because he takes the audience with him rather than just dropping something in their laps. I'm sure many people will love both but for me he works better with a flow and with a consistency. His musical gags are as funny as his spoken ones and I think this show demonstrates the range of talents that he has.

Not a perfect show for me, but when he is going for it he is very funny, which is the majority of this show – just not all of it.

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