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Amish Abduction





Amish wife and mother Annie's life turns upside down after her husband leaves to live among "normal Americans", however things turn more dire when he returns, seeking custody of their son by any means necessary.


Ali Liebert


Sara Canning
as Annie Baker
Steve Byers
as Jacob Baker
Liam Hughes
as Caleb Baker
Ryan Bruce
as Thomas Baker

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raronhiarakwas 1 /10

Lost me

Couldn't get past the first half hour Annie the Amish mom lack of Dutch accents, plucked eyebrows and poor makeup. Not to mention clothes not hand seen made it fake. Poor research truly prevails over storyline.

Reviewed by togetherblessed 2 /10

Way off base

We attempted watching this but initially could not finish it due to the obvious errors in portraying the Amish. I could not get past the full face of makeup used on the main character, lack of accent, mannerisms, cultural adherence of an Amish woman. Her over assertiveness for an Amish woman in the beginning was too much. We turned it off. However, I decided I would finish it today. Again storyline was interesting but lacked the authenticity it needed. Especially again, when the main character wore a red dress, an untied bonnet and her mascara smeared when crying after waking up from a nightmare. Speaking as a mother her assertiveness later in the movie depicted how she changed to protect herself and son is understandable but the actress made her too strong in the beginning where her whole character was unbelievable. I have finished it but have reservations about any research being done regarding the Amish, the roles and personas of the females and males both were inaccurate and embarrassingly ignorant of the culture.

Reviewed by lavatch N/A

Taking a Stand for Women

"Amish Abduction" paints an ambivalent picture of a small Amish community in rural Pennsylvania. On the one hand, there are the values of decency, tradition, and faith in God. On the other, there are the temptations of the "English" and the modern world that beckons outside.

The conflicting forces play on Jacob Baker, first leading him to the bottle, then to crime. After accidentally murdering the man who was selling him the booze, Jacob kidnaps his young son Caleb, taking him to Philadelphia, where an attorney friend will assist him in gaining custody of the boy.

But neither Jacob nor his attorney, Richard Johnson, had counted on the will of Annie Baker, the wife of Jacob and mother of Caleb. The film belongs to Annie, who visits Philadelphia with Jacob's brother Thomas, and wins the custody hearing. Of course, that doesn't stop Jacob from violating the decree, giving Thomas a beating, and later returning to the Amish community to try to impose his will on Annie.

A weakness of the film was the one-dimensional characterization of Jacob, who turns into a monster early in the film. The inherent evil in Jacob twisted the film into a melodrama, as opposed to a thoughtful religious and cultural exposé.

My favorite character was Thomas, who represented the genuine goodness of the Amish community. There was a touching moment in a Philadelphia restaurant, where Annie's fortune cookie reads, "If you never give up on love, then love will never give up on you." Of course, the chemistry is there for the romantic connection between Annie and her taciturn brother-in-law.

But the main focus is the stand taken by Annie for women's rights in the traditional Amish community. As she tells her father, "Unless you have walked in my shoes, do not judge me." Annie Baker is a strong woman and an abused wife, who never let go of her commitment to love and protect her child, even at the cost of being "shunned" by her community.

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