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How much do you *really* know about how Christianity got started? Whether you are a Christian, atheist, or member of another faith, it's impossible to ignore the impact that Christianity has had on Western civilization. But most people, including many Christians, don't have a solid grasp of the history of early Christianity - even though it's hinted at in the New Testament. Many people still think the gospels were


Cameron Reilly


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Reviewed by adrian-m-miller 10 /10

Not for Americans...

I can already see the outrage by the average American Christian, they have zero sense of humour about religion and only blind faith in their magical sky fairy

Thankfully made in Australia where nothing is above ridicule or humour

Reviewed by luvsmurfette 10 /10


Finally we have an honest historical view of the bible. Explaining the reality without the motivated reasoning applied by religious zealots.

Reviewed by taylorreilly-43544 10 /10


Cameron provides a thorough coverage of Christianity telling the story of how the religion came to be what it is today. He exposes the disparities in the bible which most tend to ignore or sheer away from. The documentary leaves you questioning what else in the bible doesn't hold up. 10/10 A great watch, and a great film debut for Cameron.

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