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Minions Holiday Special


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Illumination presents four new mini-movie escapades along with special guest appearances from some of Illumination's beloved characters from their "The Secret Life of Pets" and "Sing" franchises.

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Reviewed by TheBLTSandwich 2 /10

Marketing Lies

As others have mentioned, this is far from a "holiday" special. It's four previously released short films that the editors slapped together to fit a 22-minute prime time slot on NBC. At least the first film was actually holiday themed - the rest of them had nothing to do with Christmas (one was about Cub Scouts and took place in the SUMMER). At the very least, there was some fun Minions holiday animation sprinkled throughout this thing, as well as some themed Secret Life of Pets and Sing animation. But if you're looking for something Christmasy to watch with the kids, this really isn't it.

The woman doing the narration was also really bad.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 /10

previously seen

Santa's Little Helpers... A crate to Miami accidentally falls off a delivery truck in the North Pole. It's the Minions inside the crate and they find Santa's Workshop where they wreck havoc dressed as elves.

Training Wheels... The kids are riding their bikes. Agnes falls off and the Minions workshop a new superbike for her.

puppy... A Minion wants to walk a dog but Kyle is having non of that. A miniature alien ship shows up and it becomes the new dog in the family.

Minion Scouts... The girls have joined the Badger Scouts and the Minions are taken with the badges.

The Minions have packaged four previously seen shorts into a Christmas Special. I've seen them before. I guess the network has to have programming. The problem is that only the first short has anything to do with the holidays. Instead of calling it Holiday Special, they should call it simply a Minions Special and do the whole hour.

Reviewed by killmisterbucko 4 /10

NOT a holiday special

This was billed as a holiday special, and we were excited to watch with our kids. Instead, it was a one holiday short followed by three random non-holiday shorts. The shorts themselves were fine, but it was a pretty disappointing "holiday special."

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