Two people live in different times. Seo-Yeon lives in the present and Young-Sook lives in the past. One phone call connects the two, and their lives are changed irrevocably.


Lee Chung-hyun


Park Shin-Hye
as Seo-yeon
Jun Jong-seo
as Young-sook
Lee El
as Ja-ok
Park Ho-san
as Mr. Kim
Oh Jung-se
as Seong-ho

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qxin1130 5 /10

Ending Timeline Conundrum?

I'm not sure how to fully comprehend the ending timeline here. There are more questions than answers of course to the entirety of the call to begin with. But I guess the main two are:

1. How does the phone call connect from 1999 to present day? The viewers are suppose to take it as is I guess, no actual scientific nor paranormal explanation here, just happens as is.

2. So the timeline of the two characters continue to progress as is, there's no indication of the present Young-sook alerting herself in the past until the very end and that in itself is a whole conundrum because we see the mom throwing Young-sook over the balcony and then surviving so that Seo-yeon is able to find her mom alive at the cemetery, but then as they both leave the cemetery her mom flickers and disappears because Young-sook survives the fall also. Now if the mom survives with Seo-yeon, wouldn't they call the police or at least find out at some point that Young-sook didn't die so that she would remain a threat? We only have the past calling the present until the very end, where the one instance is Young-sook is calling herself in the past which is a reversal of this mysterious phone communication. How does this happen? Lets say she figured it out and can call herself in the past, how does she find the exact moment to call herself before the mom and the police arrives at the house? Because if both timeline are continually progressing in the past and the present, won't that moment in the past also have passed? And my conundrum here is how this ending is a miss because it doesn't validate the space time continuum sequence of events here. Either leave the ending as is with the mom being alive and Young-sook dead or mom dead because Young-sook never died.

Things need to add up even if we're left with a cliff hanger but unfortunately this cliff hanger ended up making no sense.

Reviewed by barbarahfmelo 7 /10

Great movie but the end bothers me

Movie that got my complete attention. The story is surprising. Genuine and progressive performance. However, the scene after the credits is illogical and affected the plot. The present antagonist would have no way of making the call. And would have no way of knowing that her version of the past has died. After all, if she from the past died ... She from the present would not exist to do anything. I wouldn't mind having a sad ending, but that ending doesn't make sense. If it had ended up in the cemetery, it would have been consistent and still sad because of the people who died and the traumatic situation of the mother and daughter.

Reviewed by MissFortuneCookie 8 /10

Wonderful film ruined by the ending

Should have stopped at the cemetery scene. But they added a few more scenes in the credits that changed the timeline again. Didn't even make sense since throughout the film, past was calling the present. The present never called the past. Then all of a sudden she warned her past self about dying? If she died, she wouldn't have been able to warn herself. If she didn't die, she shouldn't have disappeared in the present when attacking the other girl. It's as if the writers forgot their own time travel rule. I wish Netflix will edit the credit scenes out. Even as an alternate ending, it wouldn't be plausible.

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