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After months of pooling resources, Andrea finally joins Antonio in Sri Lanka, where he is already working to organize the delivery of school supplies for the children of Ambewela. After the successful initial phase, Take Me Back guys come into contact with voices, faces and ideas until they become witnesses of stories and live spectators of a faraway place, a place that screams diversity, change and possibility. What the two friends couldn't predict was how much the journey itself would become their path, allowing them to bring back home more than the feeling of having done something great.


Marco Napoli


Antonio Di Leonardo
as Antonio Di Leonardo
Andrea Mariani
as Andrea Mariani

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by federica-58083 10 /10


The best docu-film in the world! Check it out!! Emotional, funny, sensational!

Reviewed by lorenzomammarella-57979 10 /10


Un mix di emozioni da vivere profondamente! Meraviglioso! Girato in srilanka da straordinari ragazzi con un idea geniale e altruista.

Reviewed by giulianacolucci 10 /10

Moving and exciting documentary!

Serendip gives you the opportunity to know more about Sri Lanka and its people, making you cry and laugh with them. Ryan's character is very captivating. And I loved the experience with the turtles! Always ready to rewatch Serendip.

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