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Between the World and Me





The special will include powerful readings from Ta-Nehisi Coates' book, it will also incorporate documentary footage from the actors' home life, archival footage, and animation.


Kamilah Forbes

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Reviewed by danderson3-308-146904 10 /10

The Real Deal

Deeply moving and authentic and evocative. A mixture of poetry, history, narrative, cartoons, and music - well done!

Reviewed by UniqueParticle 8 /10

Hard to watch but great and sad

Very emotional documentary that is very important, well expressed and unfortunate! I'm shocked of the events that are told in this documentary; baffling some of it occurs and it's got artsy poetic ness mashed in well. All the people involved are magnificent despite the subject matter! Would highly recommend this just because it's sublime.

Reviewed by kickstandsupriders 10 /10

Regurgitating what was never past rather, still present in this America

Exhilarating yet disturbing truth. A display of fear, pride, anger & hope turned to acceptance then rage. A black man' Eyes void of tomorrow sees the truth in police brutality, hate & fear from White America. WATCH! And take young black men & Young black women under your wing to teach, mentor & protect. I was not pleased with the inclusion of Oprah Winfrey wearing an African headdress for, she has not supported black Americans & was just an actress acting a role she forgot & was not familiar with. I chose to forward her portrayal; her piece of superficiality.

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