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A Good Day to Die


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AIM leader Dennis Banks looks back at his early life and the rise of the American Indian Movement.


David Mueller


Dennis Banks
as Himself - Co-Founder, American Indian Movement; Ojibwa
Brenda Child
as Herself - Professor, American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota; Ojibwa
Bob Hicks
as Himself - Filmmaker; Creek - Seminole
Sydney Byrd
as Himself - Dakota
George Mitchell
as Himself - Co-Founder, AIM; Ojibwa
Frances Fairbanks
as Herself - Director, American Indian Center, Minneapolis; Ojibwa

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pierce-mn1 10 /10

An Outstanding Documentary

I saw this eye-opening film at the Twin Cities Film Festival tonight and it was tremendous. It follows the life of Dennis Banks, one of the founders of AIM, the American Indian Movement and their efforts to make the American public and politicians aware of the difficulties Native Americans have had over the centuries. The broken treaties have led to the movement's activities, climaxing with Wounded Knee. Many people are interviewed, including Banks, his daughter, many of the people who were involved in the movement. We get both the Native point of view and that of the politicians who have resisted their requests for the past 40 years.

The discussion following the film merited discussion, including the lack of true curriculum for the Public Schools regarding Native history.

The movie hasn't found a distributor yet, but it's a Must See!!!

Reviewed by items123 9 /10

A Masterpiece

I was fortunate to be invited to a private pre-release showing in San Francisco in June 2010. Dennis flew out to show it to about 50 friends.

Its hard for me to say much about this film besides what I said to Dennis just after seeing it. "Dennis, I hope I'm not saying this because I've worked on projects with you, but it's a Masterpiece!"

This film isn't so much just about Dennis Banks, a co-founder of AIM, the "American Indian Movement", it's about the movement itself, from the children dragged off to Boarding School to the various occupations such as Wounded Knee and Alcatraz. It's a major slice of the whole rise of the "Red Power" movement.

It would be great if this could be shown to EVERY History class in Junior and Senior High School and would help greatly in reducing prejudice in young people against Indians and at the same time create an awareness in Native Americans that they have much to be proud of in their heritage.

Well done, my friend Mister Banks, as well as the Producers and Directors. You have done a great service to this country in bringing this film to the public.

Reviewed by matcheydj 8 /10

Good Documentary

This was a very informative documentary about the connection between the American Indian Movement members and the heritage of Wounded Knee. The interviews are straightforward, not overly dramatic -- even nervous, or plainly unrehearsed; and the Indian people share their personal feelings, even bringing in the lawmen on the opposite side of the standoff to recount what they saw.

The history here is worth knowing, and I'm glad to be a part of the people who have seen this film.

If one thing struck me, even though it was not the only part of what he was saying in that sentence, it was Dennis Banks turning to the camera and saying, "Go to Wounded Knee."

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