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Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi



The story is about a team of trained secret agent flies and a mole that takes on a mission for the US government. A specially trained squad of not guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire, who plans to taking over the world with household appliances.


Hoyt Yeatman


Sam Rockwell
as Darwin the Guinea Pig (voice)
Penélope Cruz
as Juarez the Guinea Pig (voice)
Tracy Morgan
as Blaster the Guinea Pig (voice)
Jon Favreau
as Hurley the Guinea Pig (voice)
Steve Buscemi
as Bucky the Hamster (voice)
Nicolas Cage
as Speckles the Mole (voice)
Edwin Louis
as Mooch the Fly (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dk-52874 10 /10

This is an excellent movie, why didn't it receive an Oscar

This is the most enticing film I have ever watched. A true master piece displaying the true artistic integrity of film. The underlying themes of a monotheistic society exploring the themes of Christianity and the teachings of the lord. A true masterpiece that really is a work of art and one of the most fabulous film I have ever witnessed. Nicholas Cage has a Masterful performance as Speckles and should have won best supporting actor. This film is ground breaking in the way of unconventional story telling. I love this movie, it cured my depression. Thank you Hoyt Yeatman, beautiful film, 10/10

Reviewed by preetharoy 7 /10

It's quite good, actually.

I don't understand why this movie has a current rating of 4.7/10. I loved it! True, some characters could have been given a meatier role. But overall this is a good, sweet one with plenty of action and excellent animation. Penélope Cruz sounds sexy (as usual), and Nicholas Cage is unrecognizable as Speckles the mole (I didn't know it was him until I saw the credits), but he's terrific. And though they appeared for a total of a little over few minute, Bucky the hamster (who is a quarter ferret) and the three mice were adorable.

I'll recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good laugh on a lazy afternoon. And for the kids! 7* out of ten!

Reviewed by helmutty 6 /10

Not exactly as bad as what haters are ranting about.

It is not all that bad, at least it tries its to be an enjoyable family movie flick. But as usual, Disney movies now are getting haters around the world due to its popular teens and live-action animals-talking movies. So now, when they see a live-action Disney movie whether it has teenagers singing or animals yapping away, they would be put off immediately. Whatever it is, G-force is fun with 3-D. Kids would like the cute animals coming near them.

The story: G-Force has a simple story which is also not creative. But that it is not what kids want, they would want to see action blazing through their ways. As this being a Jerry Bruckheimer production, you can expect at least a car chase and some explosion but only more mild. Trevor Rabin did a good work in creating epic music. Though a kid movie, expect some rude humour but also at the same time, some lessons to teach your kids.

Overall: Definitely not as bad as what haters say. In the end, it is just meant to be an enjoyable fun romp. You don't like animals talking, this is not for you. A good movie for the holiday. Just leave your brain at home if you want to enjoy this.

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