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The Fight of Our Lives: Defeating the Ideological War Against the West





The Fight of Our Lives - Defeating the Ideological War Against the West is a hard-hitting new documentary film by Gloria Z. Greenfield that examines the internal and external threats facing the West. "There are two threats facing the West, and they are linked. There's the threat from within, and the threat from without," states Melanie Phillips. "And the threat from without is made much more threatening by the threat from within."

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Reviewed by sheamart-95416 9 /10

f 5 starsA very challenging political documentary - even if you don't agree.

While I don't agree with most of the points made in this documentary, I have to give it a lot of credit for putting together a very challenging series of arguments that made me think and challenge my own views. I value listening to different sides, even though some of the arguments were "straw man" arguments in my opinion, while others I want to think more about and do my own research. That's the sign of a good documentary! Very high quality, exhaustive interviews and footage and graphics. Entertaining while arguing a bold, controversial point that could be taken as a warning about the self-destruction of Westner society and innovation.

Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 10 /10

Surprising and Masterful

Gloria Greenfield opens the mind with The Fight of Our Lives, a brilliant documentary which once fully removed from its wrapper serves as a cautionary tale sounding a historically-driven alarm to rapidly sweeping Western trends.

As someone who sees what he's always thought of as a liberal in the mirror, I now find myself struggling with the blurring homogenization of our historical ugliness in our more recent attempts to erase that which is dark and unclean, but yet has always provided fundamental reference points from which to evolve. Acknowledgement of the real and the nuanced at the expense of personal bias has long been a critical tool in examining all thing potentially wonderful or rancid, and it's impossible not to lament the rapid devaluation of this skillset. Greenfield shows us how pervasive and multi-pronged the attack on ourselves has become, as no institution has withstood infiltration.

As a filmmaker, Greenfield reveals true wisdom and a remarkably deft hand in tapping into the zeitgeist without outward arrogance or inflammatory condescension. By definition, the trends she explores provide a delicate line for her to walk, particularly in a day and age in which we increasingly seek to protect ourselves. She's rhetorically succeeded in identifying the most effective tact for these times by providing expert historical opinions which present application to the current climate with true concern, yet without bloodying noses. This isn't Michael Moore or Fox News stoking what may or may not be a fire, but rather someone who trends away from the assignation of pure ideological fault in drawing instead an elegantly-stated account of highly layered historical perspectives. Exceedingly thoughtful and spellbinding in its mastery of approach, The Fight of Our Lives manages alarming urgency without resorting to a blistering tonality; what it says is critical, but the way in which the film speaks is a marvel unto itself.

Reviewed by ConwayJ18 1 /10


As someone who recently finished school in a United States university, I can confidently say that this does not offer an accurate depiction of post-Colonial teaching, the university experience, or basically anything else. Please, if you're going to watch this, actually look up the philosophies that are being discussed without simply taking the word of the producers. Documentaries are designed not to educate, but to state an opinion and then elaborate on that opinion by choosing to emphasize some facts more than others. This is true of documentaries from both the right and the left.

This is dangerous propaganda that does say some true things, but also a lot of half-true or outright false things. If you're going to watch it, please be prepared to do your own research and critical thinking when you're finished.

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