Nightclub owner Renato and his transvestite companion/lover Albin becoming involved with the local cops and foreign spies when Albin unwittingly gets his hands on a roll of stolen microfilm. The gay couple then hide out in Renato's native Italy, but find little peace there with their frequent bickering among themselves.


Édouard Molinaro


Ugo Tognazzi
as Renato Baldi
Michel Serrault
as Albin Mougeotte / 'Zaza Napoli'
Michel Galabru
as Simon Charrier
Paola Borboni
as Mrs. Baldi

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivan-22 N/A

Midlife Hilarity

Just when I thought they stopped making good movies sometime in the early seventies! This French film is absolutely priceless, hilarious and touching, full of social commentary and gender-busting chutzpah. Man pretending to be woman pretending to be man!!!!! Gays teaching straights how to walk gay!!! Inspired! Brilliant acting by everyone, especially the leads, fast action, not one boring moment, not at all catering to the average. I haven't seen the other two films. I can't wait to see them. This masterpiece is every bit as good as "The Odd Couple".

Reviewed by rolandlacombe 8 /10

Even better than the first one

I really laugh when I saw this second episode of La Cage aux Folles. Some say it's too exaggerated, that it's unbelievable. But what about Tootsie, Mrs Doubtfire or Some Like it Hot? It's in the same spirit. It's a comedy and when you forget the plausibility, you can have a LOT of fun! Zaza, the main character is unbelievalbe, a drama queen like there's never been on screen. She pups up from a birthday cake, she has to wear men's cloctes (yes! desesperatly still look like a woman!), she seduces an half-witted Italian peasant, absolutely hilarious! Eveything is great, the images, the costumes, the acting, the action. Not to be missed!

Reviewed by ksf-2 N/A

Albin et Renato leave the nightclub for Italy

Although some have said they like this sequel better than part one, this follow-up to C.A.F. is a little more forced than the first one. Albin does plenty of high pitched shrieks to keep us chuckling and involved, but this story isn't as solid as the first. As long as you keep your expectations in check, you'll have fun. The story starts at the nightclub, but there are mixups and shenanigans in hotel rooms, and running around France. With the good guys and the bad guys both chasing after them, they go into hiding at Renato's family home in Italy. The in-laws, the Deputy of the Moral Committee is in this one briefly, and Jacob the over-emotional maid, but not the son. It's also not the safe, happy-go-lucky world of the nightclub that we saw in Part 1. In this one, there are plenty of gags and jokes, but also a fair amount of hateful name calling and street fighting that we didn't see in part 1. There's also a subplot of Luigi the farm hand falling for one of them, but you'll have to watch it for yourself.

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