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Mr Lonesome is a relatable drama following James Fridrick, a paranoid and helpless elderly man, who is struggling in life with the recent loss of his loved one. Understand how his character deals with certain situations and problems in his daily life and learn if his problems of loneliness can ever be overcome.

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Reviewed by chrisa-04933 10 /10

Lovely Short Film

I attended the premiere of the film and really enjoyed it. It was easy to relate to the theme and content, presented in a way that not only entertains, but also provokes thought and emotion. Well worth watching!

Reviewed by sclifton-74747 9 /10

Highly recommended

A great little film - very well written and acted, with lots of clever direction and an impressive and moving score.

Reviewed by seepcworld 10 /10

Perfect Match of Emotions

A real modern take on the wonders of how life works and how you can find something where you least expect it. A heartwarming story that is well written and amazingly filmed! The actors couldn't have played their roles any better, well worth watching!

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