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Reviewed by Wakeup121-10723 N/A

Great film and a film you must watch twice

I watched the film twice and could not believe how much I missed the first time. At first I was like eh. Then I watched again knowing there's twists and turns. I really enjoyed it and really enjoyed the acting in this film. The actors were unbelievable and loved story once I saw it again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING TWICE. You catch a lot more.

Reviewed by uploadvideoshere 10 /10

Not bad of a movie!

Saw this movie on iTunes. I really liked Lester in this movie. He was super cool and interesting. I would watch this movie again.

Reviewed by mikesam-06590 10 /10

Loved it!!

The actors in this movie are fantastic!! Really recommend if you like twist and turns in a movie. You never who is telling the truth. Very fun movie to watch if you like thrillers.

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