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It is Christmas 1908 in Messina, one of the richest merchant cities of the Mediterranean. Peter, the 13 year-old son of a rich English family is notorious for his cruelty to children, animals and servants. One night he is ambushed and wakes up in a coffin underground in the city's Gothic cemetery, buried in retaliation for his callousness by a servant boy from his mother's estate. When a powerful earthquake razes Messina to the ground, Peter is trapped and his whereabouts are forgotten. Until a century later an English archaeologist and his daughter arrive in the city.


Christian Bisceglia

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Reviewed by crystalclearmovies 6 /10

Not bad, A family based horror film packed with some creepy moments to entertain.

Definitely a slow burn that picks up about an hour in. A possession horror that has sort of a family vibe especially the acting a lot creepier but along the lines of a lifetime movie. But as I said once "Cruel Peter" settles down and that softness dissipates and it really gets kinda creepy. It's sort of by the numbers though albeit a good storyline but heavily stamped with predictability. The special effects are pretty good, not great but between talking and walking rotting corpses, climbing on walls and demons voicing their dismay it should be enough satisfy the hunger for the average horror fan. I should note though that the film also suffers from some iso camera issues too many scenes were a bit too dark to fully enjoy but the effort is widely acceptable. I would recommend this film for mild horror lovers I'm more of a "Hereditary" "Midsommer" or "The Witch" fan so it didn't pierce my fear meter at all but for my mom or a kid under 15 it might be enough to make them reach for the lights.

Reviewed by Tweetienator 5 /10

Solid Snack

Some nice settings and visuals (manor house, old cemetary, Italian landscape) and a decent production make this one an okay movie - if your are interested in haunted house and evil spirit stories. The weak side of Cruel Peter is the story - more or less your typical story without any great surprises. Anyway, for the decent production and the good actors I rate this one a well deserved 5. Recommended for the hardcore lover of the genre who is in great need for a little snack.

Reviewed by manurebros 8 /10


The sets and mood of this film alone are worth the watch. Its not for everyone , especially if you are looking for blood and guts mindless slasher tripe. This a very dark, brooding, slow burn horror that builds slowly and delivers without jump scares and other cheap tricks of the so-called ' horror' of today. This excellent film recalls more cerebral older films like 'The Haunting' (1963) or 'The legend of Hell House' (1973). Very Good Mood building photography ,Very Creepy wonderful sets , Adequate actors - One to watch jn the dark.

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