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Russian operatives hijack a commercial American jet, planning to crash it into a nuclear power plant near Washington, D.C. resulting in fallout that will devastate the Eastern seaboard. With little time for Air Force fighters to shoot it down, the passengers and crew aboard the aircraft must rely on their own military and civilian training to stop the terrorists before it's too late.

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Reviewed by stellasilk 10 /10

The movie Was good in parts

My fiance brought this home with other movie Greenland. He thought it was a good adventure. It was at least suspenseful and not at all as violent as those Hollywood films with no content at all and often with unwatchable content. This one is suitable for family viewing, which is good.

Reviewed by silvestasam 9 /10

Better than expected

I just watched this film and everybody seems to be laughing that it is made by Asylum, who I don't know anything about. But I could not turn it off even when some of the actors seemed a bit inexperienced for their roles. The reason I could not switch off is that things kept on happening, just like they used to do in the old blockbuster movies with Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone that really kept us on the edge of out seats. This made with extra money would have been an EXCELLENT Christmas movie. Now you see how things could have been it is rather sad there is nothing on the screen like this nowadays. Thank you all at least for letting me have my say.

Reviewed by refordgarry 8 /10

Wow - THAT should have been Diehard 5 !!!

Just please bear with this. The acting was bad, the sets were bad, graphics non-existent, plot holes terrible - but trapped inside this bad movie was a real Blockbuster so desperately trying to get out. Even with my limited writing experience I could have repaired the plot, so just imagine what the pro-writers could have done. I've seen almost every good movie of the past 50 years and several of the bad ones to be able to judge something about quality. And I can say pretty unequivocally that this script had all the potential to be pure quality. With all the bad movies around it ought not be too taxing to just sit this one out to the end, and you will probably agree that this COULD have been The One !

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