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The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dandan-dandan 10 /10

The best movie ever made probably. Everyone must see!!!!

This movie leaves me in shock and amazement. It cannot be described. The way they documented it is the most realistic experience you can ever have of a real war situation and everything is happening in front of you, with real life people in deep need, and Eubank can be seen trying to make life and death decisions by relying on God's grace and deliverance in the real face of evil and destruction. After watching this you probably would not want to watch another Hollywood movie again. Such power, heart, love and truth in this entire documentary. The cruelty of war will make you confront what life is, how evil this world is and how God's teaching to love our neighbor is worth fighting for - yet only made possible by a truly faihtful and obedient heart towards the God of Love. Jesus Christ is written all over this movie. He is the Lord over all evil. No matter how hard, if you trust Him and follow Him, He will make you to do some of the best work in the world for humanity. This movie should win all the awards out there. It is the most beautiful and honest and eye-opening movei I have ever seen.

Reviewed by krusty-23 1 /10

Religious propaganda.

Like others I fell for the high rating but it was nothing more than religious propaganda, so much so that I did not watch it all. Just how many times can you refer to the miracles of god. For those that believe in faith it is meaningful but for me it was just so far into this that I found it just too full on. Some great footage but not my thing.

Reviewed by VanBooter 5 /10

When all hope is lost

When all hope is lost you can either look to others for help, re-assess the situation, or pray to some fictitious person and start quoting from a book written by man and re-written by man many times since. This was looking to be an excellent documentary which was sadly ruined for me when if started spouting the god stuff so much so it seemed like all the atrocities in Burma and Iraq had been pushed to the side to make a pathway for the christian faith vehicle.

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