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Based on actual events, Barracuda is an original, vengeance themed story and fresh take on sexual perversions, the lives it affects and the pursuit of it. When we first meet Summer, a sensitive yet cynical portrait artist who supplements her income as a phone sex operator from her rickety old houseboat in Venice, she is at the end of her emotional rope. The callers, whom she began recording as proof of how normal, professional men can also be pedophiles and rapist, have entered her dreams at night. When no one will believe or listen to the taped phone conversations with these otherwise ordinary men, Summer take matters into her own hands and drives her vintage Plymouth Barracuda across the country, surprising and exposing these deviants at their homes. Accountability, closure with ones demons and how love conquers even the most cynical ensues. Barracuda is a witty and brazenly honest story of the unbeatable human spirit.

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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 /10

All Shook Up

Summer (Christy Oldham) is a phone sex operator who is shocked at how perverted men really are. She decides to do some vigilante visits. It attempts to create over-the-top characters that fall flat. The film has not withstood time.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by tracedwards 1 /10

A sad reality in modern film.

I dont even care to look up who the writer and director of this crap movie are.

The story is about a bunch of rapists and pedos being exposed by an ex phone sex line worker. Its total garbage. The acting is beyond terrible. It cant even be considered humerious.

0 of 10 is a generous rating.

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