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A long-troubled itinerant carpenter returns home to small town Vermont and attempts to build a log cabin by hand, hoping to free himself from a cycle of poverty and addiction. But when he reconnects with Sierra, a woman with whom he shares a complicated past, he becomes locked in a desperate struggle between the person he was and the person he hopes to become.


Josh Melrod

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Reviewed by gdalesmith 7 /10

Fine entertainment

An engaging drama about a man trying to escape his demons. Two forces are at work on the main character. The cabin he's building represents his goal of starting a clean new life. Working against that is his ex-girlriend, who likes her adult beverages, and wants him the way he was.

Ujon Tokarski is certainly a find, talent-wise. Hard to believe he's never acted before. There's a lot of chemistry between his character and that of Tara Summers, which helps keep the low-intensity story interesting as it unfolds. In fact there are no cardboard characters in this movie, credit for which goes to Josh Melrod.

'Major arcana,' by the way, refers to subset of cards in a tarot deck.

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