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Four paramedics on duty in Arizona intercept a distress call from Mexico. Training kicks in as they illegally cross the border to help. Suddenly trapped inside their own ambulance, nothing could prepare them for what they would encounter.

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Reviewed by poomann 1 /10

You must avoid!

The worst movie that i have ever watch. The movie starts decent but after they rescue the Mexican guy turn to a unbelieved plot.

CAUTION SPOILERS: After the crash incident, the ambulance, didn't has GPS and locator's and any other systems that has any emergency vehicles, like, roll and collision alert, or emergency beacon. If the radio fails the paramedics are their self?. Was it armored totally? No body thinks get out from it through the windows or even the windshield, the plot after that is going worse time after time, if the ambulances was armored, how was thru with a knife to injure the paramedics? If the Mexican guy brings drugs why was lying on the floor that way? For me this doesn't has sense. If Bobby works with the drugs dealers, it was a normal sense that the Mexican guy across the border to brings drugs to USA, and she knew that rescue that guy was extremely dangerous.

The epilogue it's very frustrating and the end is even worse.

And if the previous things don't matter the shots inside from ambulance are claustrophobic and there aren't any another shots from outside, no body knows what happen outside from ambulance.

In summary a disappointing movie. You must avoid!

Reviewed by calvinharrisq 10 /10

Watched it as a Santiago munez fan.

It's a good movie slow paced yet quite awesome. The story is challenging yet unpredictable. The plot twist is when alex kills everyone making him the real bad guy. Shows that doing something wrong has its reasons.

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