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Jagged Edge


Drama / Mystery / Thriller



San Francisco heiress Page Forrester is brutally murdered in her remote beach house. Her husband Jack is devastated by the crime but soon finds himself accused of her murder. He hires lawyer Teddy Barnes to defend him, despite the fact she hasn't handled a criminal case for many years. There's a certain chemistry between them and Teddy soon finds herself defending the man she loves.


Richard Marquand


Glenn Close
as Teddy Barnes
Jeff Bridges
as Jack Forrester
Peter Coyote
as Thomas Krasny
Lance Henriksen
as Frank Martin
Robert Loggia
as Sam Ransom
Michael Dorn
as Dan Hislan
Maria Mayenzet
as Page Forrester

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Poseidon-3 N/A

Jagged editing, but some good chills.

This courtroom thriller was one of the films that spawned a huge wave of copycats through the mid '80's and early '90's. Now, of course, these types of stories are on TV nightly in the glut of crime/law based shows. However, in 1985, audiences could still be (and were) riveted to the big screen by stories like this. Bridges plays a newspaper editor whose wife is brutally murdered along with their maid (in an opening sequence that is not overly graphic, yet is very disturbing.) Before long, he is prime suspect in the killings and is defended by a tentative, reluctant Close who is trying to redeem herself after some earlier unethical legal behavior. She squares off with slimy former prosecuting partner Coyote (in a slick, effective performance) to clear Bridges. She then, foolishly, becomes intimate with Bridges. There is constant doubt in her mind, as well as in the audience's, as to whether or not Bridges did the deed or not. Because the story is a tease and exists to manipulate and captivate the audience, there are plot holes galore. However, the film works very well on a visceral level, providing twists and shocks along the way (including one startling break-in near the end which is jarring no matter how many times it is seen.) The film's greatest strength is the acting, notably Close. Unlike later Eszterhas scripts, in which no one is sympathetic, she is a heroine to root for, despite her flaws. She brings great conviction to her poorly conceived role. Bridges does well also as the perfectly moussed, tan dreamboat who might be a savage murderer. Loggia brings a welcome salty edge to the film with his foul-mouthed portrayal of Close's investigator friend. All cussing and cigarettes, he is a stock Eszterhas character, but is acted well. There are other fine smaller roles played by Dehner as a crusty judge, Young as a haughty rich-bitch and Austin (an underrated actress) as an attack victim. Close has two annoying kids and a wimpy ex-husband to make her life that much more unbearable. Drawbacks to the film would be the illogic of the script and the bizarre editing of the courtroom scenes in which the clothing Bridges and (especially) Close wear inexplicably switch! Her hair is also consistently inconsistent throughout...(within scenes!)...flat one moment, curly the next, varying in height and swoop, etc.... The discordant music by Barry is very unsettling and his use of low piano keys doubtlessly inspired Jerry Goldsmith for "Basic Instinct". It's the same type of sound. Folks expecting a watertight story will be disappointed. Those who just want to be entertained and spooked should love it.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10 /10

days of our knives

Some reviewers have called "Jagged Edge" a manipulative movie, but I didn't find it to be such at all. Granted, the plot seems to be something that we've often seen, but the director and stars know how to keep it from getting silly. When Jack Forrester (Jeff Bridges) is charged with murdering his wife, attorney Teddy Barnes (Glenn Close) defends him in court. In the process, she starts to get attracted to him. But as the story moves forward, questions start to arise: how much do we really know about any of these characters? Can an attorney get manipulated by her own client? Whom can one trust in uncertain situations? Sound hackneyed? Maybe it is a little, but the movie keeps you guessing every step of the way. Both Bridges and Close show why they're among the greatest stars of their generation. I can pretty much guarantee that you won't find this movie boring. It's hard to believe that this was directed by the same guy who did "Return of the Jedi".

Reviewed by jotix100 8 /10

The Corona

What happens when one is given the clues that solve the murder of the wealthy San Francisco socialite early on in the film? Well, one keeps on believing that person which the guilt points to is innocent, which seems to be the premise of this tightly made film with the satisfying screen play by Joe Eszterhas.

Not having seen it since its original release, we decided to take another look as the film was shown on cable. The film has kept its original glossy look that director Richard Marquand gave to the production.

Glenn Close is the main reason for watching "Jagged Edge". She gives one of the most intelligent performances of her career as Teddy Barnes, the criminal trial attorney that is hand picked by the legal team behind Jack Forrester, even though she is involved in another case. It's clear to see from the start Teddy, who is happily divorced, finds Jack, her client, an attractive diversion. In fact, it's almost out of character that this together woman to fall in love, something that might be unethical, but fall for Jack, she does.

Jeff Bridges makes a good appearance as Jack. He is a pillar of the community and it doesn't seem he would be ready for romance after the terrible blow he has suffered. Mr. Bridges makes the best out of his character. Peter Coyote, is the intense D.A. Tomas Krasny, the man who suspects the truth but is outsmarted by Teddy in court. Robert Loggia is seen briefly as the foul-mouthed private investigator, Sam.

"Jagged Edge" will not disappoint.

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