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Ira Glasser is one of America's unsung champions of civil rights and liberties. As the leader of the American Civil Liberties Union for 23 years, he transformed the organization from a small, "mom-and-pop" operation on the verge of bankruptcy into a civil liberties juggernaut with offices in every state and a $30 million endowment. As his generation retires from the barricades, Ira reminisces on his life at the forefront of defending the rights of all Americans, from civil rights leaders to neo-Nazis. His story takes us to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, where in 1947 Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers broke the color barrier in baseball and inspired a generation of civil rights activists; to the offices of Robert Kennedy, where the U.S. Senator spoke with a young Ira and convinced him to take his first job with the ACLU; and to California, where a 96-year-old Holocaust survivor explains to Ira why he thinks the ACLU was wrong to defend the right of neo-Nazis to demonstrate near his ...

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Reviewed by youngjg-95909 10 /10

Timely Past, Present and Future

This documentary is a fascinating look at the trouble that can arise from advocating unapologetically for free speech. While those problems come into focus, the documentary makes a clear case as to why those troubles are worth taking on.

Ira is a captivating speaker and personality. He is comfortable in his own skin and great at articulating his thoughts clearly, concisely and kindly. We could use more Ira's.

The other takeaway that has stuck with me is the importance of sticking up for your beliefs, even when unpopular, while remaining calm and congenial even when those who you are arguing with are not.

This is well worth a couple hours of your time!

Reviewed by jordanomiller 10 /10

Very Interesting and Well-Paced

As a (former) member of the ACLU I was curious to learn about the organization's golden era, which I'm informed took place under the stewardship of Mr. Glasser. The doc doesn't disappoint--Glasser's life story is fascinating, the historical footage is well used and the defense of the 1st Amendment is perfectly articulated..

Reviewed by lisko-00745 9 /10

Engaging, important and surprising!

Some documentaries, especially political ones, preach at you. Some are just boring because there's no storyline - just someone pushing their viewpoint and you either agree or you're a monster. Mighty Ira is different because of it's presentation. We learn the story of the Nazi march in Skokie and why the ACLU supported it. But the kicker is that all parties, in the end, respect the other side and demonstrate that we really can agree to disagree. And more than that, genuine friendships can develop between the most unlikely people. No one is cancelled, no one is disrespected (well, maybe the ACTUAL Nazis). This is a political movie that REDUCES stress. How rare is that!?

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