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Riders on the Storm





On a dark one lane road, miles from nowhere. A lonely traveler picks up a hitchhiker and drives off into the night. As they put miles behind them, a dark story reveals itself, and a shocking truth is uncovered about the identity of the passenger.


Jeff Scott Taylor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DebraIonaVogel 1 /10

Utter waste of film

You're looking through titles, trying to choose something you haven't already seen and isn't foreign. I'm just not in the mood for sub-titles sometimes...

This movie is in English, there's that.

Poorly, and I mean poooooorly, acted. The story is predictable, yet you'll be surprised about how bad it gets and wonder why you're still watching.

Even if it took you twenty minutes to finally choose something, and you land on this, start over. Keep looking.

It's lame, not interesting, terrible music, shot and edited like a C- film student trying for the first time. Horrible story.

It's a no.

Reviewed by rosecalifornia 1 /10

Wasted time....

No idea what is going on with films the past 10 years but this is a total waste of time. Maybe because you can now rent film equipment cheaply or get funding from friends in the industry, who knows.

Not a single moment in the film makes an ounce of sense, it is disjointed and poorly made.

There is no storyline, no script....just total nonsense. Not even marginally watchable.

Reviewed by JafeW 1 /10

What even happened?

This movie was almost unwatchable, but I pulled through because I like supporting local cinema... but this movie is utter trash. The editing is repetitive, cutting to the same exact shots again, and again, and again. There is no momentum in the story it just drags along at iceberg pace. The dialog seems like it was written by a high school student. There is hardly a story to speak of. And it's overall just an ugly movie to look at. It's de-saturated to the point that it looks like it was unintentional and happened at the very last moment before it was uploaded. SKIP THIS MOVIE

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