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Action / Animation / Comedy / Western



An inept gunslinger with an egotistical talking horse is recruited to save a town besieged by outlaws and evil aliens.


Brent Triplett

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Reviewed by hypersonic8999 9 /10

Alright then

A western adventure with good comedy. Almost as good as reading a Lucky Luke comic book. I didn't expect any less from the people that created Doraleous & Associates. It's well done, and even if the drawing and animation looks a bit clumsy, it quickly grows on you. The dialogue is the best part. The plot mostly looks like a series of episodes that were cut together, but it's nevertheless enjoyable to watch.

Dalton is an aspiring musician, who accidentally kills a couple dangerous outlaws. The people see in him a hero and he is elected sheriff of Toonstone. He picks up a few friends along the way who teach him how to become the best sheriff he can be, and soon he grows into a legend.

Reviewed by ChinkyFunbags N/A

Worth watching.

The other reviews praised the animation, voice acting and jokes but that's just silly. The animation is beginner level at best. That's not really a bad thing but they couldn't even make people turn, which adds to the comedy. The voices are mediocre. Again, nothing to complain about but nothing spectacular. Most of the comedy is in the names of the the people and places. The Fohicans were hilarious. Villain names like Drippy Peters and Stinky Pinky will make you laugh and miss the dialogue. They also play up the western cliches like the useless Indian sidekick and the lady who doesn't like the hero then ends up loving him. Definitely worth watching if you can find it.

Reviewed by seumasmorgan 10 /10


A funny film filled with some of the best voice acting and animation around a need to watch film

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