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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy



35 years after The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's cancellation, our two TV heroes have been living off the finances of their reruns on TV. To make matters worse, Rocky has lost his ability to fly, and the trees in Frostbite Falls have all been cut down. Meanwhile, over in Pottsylvania, home of Rocky and Bullwinkle's arch enemies Fearless Leader, Boris, and Natasha, the Iron Curtain has fallen, leading the villains to leave Pottsylvania, and dig through a tunnel all the way to the TV of a Hollywood Producer, Minnie Mogul. She signs a contract, giving her the rights to produce the Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie, and accidentally pulls the three villains out of the TV, turning them into humans! Now, they have an evil plan to hypnotize America, using RBTV (Really Bad TeleVision), making everyone's mind mush, so he can go on to the TV, and get everyone to vote him President of the USA! However, new FBI Agent Karen Sympathy has an assignment--get the only ones who could ever defeat the villains- ...


Des McAnuff


Rene Russo
as Natasha
Piper Perabo
as Karen Sympathy
Randy Quaid
as Cappy von Trapment
Robert De Niro
as Fearless Leader
Jonathan Winters
as Pilot / Ohio Cop / Old Jeb
June Foray
as Rocky / Cartoon Natasha / Narrator's Mother (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wizard-8 3 /10

Tries really hard, but ultimately fails

I will give this feature length take on the popular old animated television series this: The makers of the movie do deserve an "A" for effort. You can really sense the director pumping in the energy and the screenwriter rapidly writing one joke after another. Sometimes all this energy does work for the movie's benefit, being that there are some amusing gags and the cast gives it their all. But all the same, the movie doesn't work in the end. The reason why the movie fails is its inadequate script. While I said there were some jokes that worked, there are also a lot of jokes that feel really lazy and unfunny. But bigger problems can be found with the characters and the narrative. ALL the characters in the movie are really thin, and seem to assume that you'll already be familiar with them. People who have not watched the show may be kind of lost. Just as big of a problem is with the story. The story is quite thin, frequently content to just move from one vignette to another with little to no advancement in the story. This is clearly padding, though at the same time there are some really big leaps in the narrative that suggest that some key plot turns got cut out before being released. Maybe kids who are familiar with the old TV show may get more out of it than I did, though I sense even they will get a feeling that the movie doesn't get anywhere near its full potential.

Reviewed by daryder-64809 3 /10


Underwhelming attempt to capture the fun of the original cartoons. On the other hand, it features some of De Niro's best work ever.

Reviewed by flyingyellowrascal 1 /10

Rocky struggles to get out of the shadows

Exactly six decades ago, a grey flying tree rodent debut in a TV series. For a while, he was on top of the world. But so far, this was the only time he actually shined. Later in 2000, whoever owns Rocky tried to revive him. Unfortunately, a feature film that bombed and a lackluster television reboot did nothing to help Rocky's star shine again. As sad it is to say, it seems any attempt to resurrect him has been futile. I wonder why?

As to what I can say about this movie, Rocky was sort of making a comeback in the 1990s, and this movie was suppose to boost his return. Instead, it pretty much buried him.

Although I play a Rocky video game once in a while, I can't say that I'm a fan of that flying squirrel. However, I do thought restoring his popularity a bit. As to what suggestion I would give to whoever owns that moose and squirrel, perhaps it's to pick a kid actor to be that buck-toothed flyer. Maybe that'll help.

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