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What Killed Michael Brown?





The documentary considers Brown's 2014 police shooting, death, and the aftermath -- and the complex, underlying societal causes that define the film's important first word, what. The film explores America's true original sin: not slavery, but "the use of race as a means to power." Questions asked -- Was it really racism that caused the death of Michael Brown? Has the truth become the lie, and the lie truth? -- and answered come against a backdrop of the "real victimization of black America."


Eli Steele


Shelby Steele
as Narrator

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Reviewed by rooee 8 /10

Revelatory and vital

Amazon's initial suppression of this deep and intelligent documentary speaks to the anxiety that surrounds any discussion of race in the modern age. Shelby Steele - who saw segregation and the civil rights movement with his own eyes - provides a detailed context for the poverty afflicting many African-American communities today. This should not be controversial, but in an era when any deviation from the "systemic racism" assertion is treated with book-burning horror, I guess it counts as brave. Ironically, Steele explains that there is indeed a systemic problem, and one which disproportionately affects black people. It's just not the problem the world thinks it is.

Reviewed by pelagic-39633 10 /10

Thanks for this....

....rare truth. The quality of truth is not strained, but goodness knows it gives us a scare now and then. The measured voice in this extraordinary documentary projects hope against the despairing bonfire that is today's progressive grievance industry. Thanks to the Steele family for producing this film.

Reviewed by furylaw-66159 10 /10

Finally--The Truth Behind All the Distortions and Hype!

In this engrossing film, Shelby Steele sets out like a gumshoe detective to reconstruct the world in which Michael Brown found himself that day of August 2014, as a young member of the black underclass in Ferguson, Missouri. Beginning with the poor black urban communities of the 1940s, Steele traces their transformation through the programs of post-1960s Liberalism, and all its good intentions which culminated in Michael Brown's public housing project and the neighborhood which influenced many of the fateful choices he made. Steele approaches his subject from many angles, drawing from a variety of witnesses, community leaders, social historians, newsreels, and the accounts of beleaguered residents of Ferguson--black and white--who have survived in the chaotic aftermath of Michael Brown's death. Steele allows the people who were there to tell the story in their own words. Ultimately, this Film is a lesson on history, human nature and power politics. Steele offers no easy solutions, but a wise and rational way forward for a nation which remains engulfed in the flames of conflict over race.

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