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This black comedy answers the question that has obsessed America and the world since November 08, 2016. How did Donald Trump become President of the United States?

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Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1 /10

Wow, What Happened to Eddie Griffin?

By every measure, this movie is HORRIBLE.

It looks like it was made for three cents.

The writing is dismal. The acting is perhaps the worst you will ever see. And why couldnt they find a better Trump impersonator? No money, maybe.

I can't even describe how bad tis movie is. And I'm not being political. It's basically a home movie that shoudl have been thrown out.

What the hell happened to Eddie Griffin? Is this all he's offered?

It doesnt matter if you love Trump or hate him, there is no way you can give this movie a good review.

Reviewed by kwenchow 1 /10

Another worst film! Full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Not recommended!

This film start with a Satan "Luther" talking to his minions, and the introduction of Donald Trump scene! As turnout, this film is about Luther taking initiative to help Donald Trump become the president of United States in 2016 election! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the playing dumb scene, overuse of the dining scene, overuse of the TV announcer scene, overuse of the speech scene, overuse of the condemning scene, overuse of the mocking scene, and overuse of the calling with phone scene! Make the film unwatchable! Barely intense scene is, Luther constantly hitting Trump's head on the table with his dark power! At the end, Trump successfully become president of America! Luther celebrate with his minions in hell! Still have a post credit scene! Trump eating chicken mouth to mouth with a woman in the plane! That's it! Another disappointed film!

Reviewed by daneshnoshirvan 10 /10

The comedy we all need right now!

Eddie Griffin brings us the satire we've been waiting for! Jeff Hector's trump character is a PERFECT parody! I really hope they continue making more Bad President movies because they really nail it and there's a lot more material they can work with!

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