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Fulci for fake


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The first biopic about Lucio Fulci. With never seen before footage, photos and interviews.


Simone Scafidi

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Reviewed by ktulu20 8 /10

Who is lucio Fulci?

That´s the question this documentary inside a fake biopic asks. Does it delivers? well, maybe Fulci big fans will be no surprised, but for the casual horror fan, there are a lot of new stuff here about Fulci´s private life, and you can that translated into is most know work. The interviews are amazing and emotive, and the fake biopìc with the actor doing of Fulci outside the documentary gives a more original aproach to the movie.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 /10

Fulci bio

For all we know of the movies of Lucio Fulci, how much do we really know about the man himself? What drove him to make films of such stunning cruelty? And what is meant in this film when they discuss that each film formed a mosaic made up of the tragedies of his life?

The conceit of this film is that an actor (Nicola Nocella) is getting ready to play the Godfather of Gore in a biographical movie, yet he must research the life of the man as well as his work. We never see the actual film that gets made, but is that even the point? We do get to learn plenty of stories of the director and attempt to get a richer image of who he was and how his life shaped and was shaped by his art.

Driven by new interviews with composer Fabio Frizzi, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, former actor and assistant Michele Soavi (an incredibly important artist in his own right) and Fulci's daughters Antonella and Camilla Fulci, we discover how many of the stories of Fulci's legendary hatred of actors and misanthropy are true. But a better image emerges as we learn of a man who hid his deepest emotions within his increasingly obtuse films. And we cannot forget that after a thirty year career, the main films that he's known for all emerged in a five year or less burst of body fluids.

Written and directed by Simone Scafidi (Eva Bruan), this is a movie that may not have much new for Fulci hardcores, but would form a nice starting point for neophytes to understand why these movies inspire such devotion. The interviews are the best part of the story, obviously, but if you have 2008's Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered, you already have around four hours of folks talking about him.

There is one moment of absolute truth in here, as the actor is meditating on the fact that producers wouldn't even give Fulci a movie to make for the last five years of his life - other than his "rival" Argento, who was going to hire him to make The Wax Mask - and yet today, whatever movies he would have made would still be making money as limited edition reissues, bought by people like, well me. After all, I got this movie in a set with Demonia and Aenigma. I'm the kind of person who would buy a $50 version of Manhattan Baby. I am the exact audience for this.

That said, you can see how Camilla's condition - she was in a riding incident soon after her mother's death and further diseases weakened her (she has since died) - informs the reasons behind The New York Ripper's rampage, taking what would be a pornography of violence in a lesser artist's hands and more of a vacant stare at an unfeeling void, shot at the dead center of the end of the world.

While the actor framing device never really works, the interviews and idea shine. The whole blu ray is worth it just for the extras, which include interviews with the director and crew, longer cuts of the interviews from the filmm, home movie and camcorder footage of Fulci scouting locations and even working on set and audio recordings of the director working with Michael Romagnoli on his memoirs.

I really don't think that there can ever be a definitive Fulci biopic. Instead, we should look to his films - this effort makes quite the case for The Beyond, which I wholeheartedly agree is filled with messages - and wish that he had lived long enough to know that his name is spoken in the same hushed tones reserved for the greats.

Reviewed by Visioneer N/A

A Fake in the Brain

As a fan of Lucio Fulci I would have loved this film more, but it didn't happen. I think the reason lies in its amusing futility and lack of timeliness (too early to re-evaluate Italian artisanal cinema?), as well as in an unfulfilled promise, an extended and unhidden lie. Let me explain: One of the greatest qualities of Fulci's cinema has been that of having kept promises and premises; even his most boorish films (I quote Demonia or perhaps Aenigma) have always had an almost magical consistency with the parathetic aspect (synopsis, posters, press kits, photos of the scene), so much so that in each of his films EXACTLY what was expected to be seen, everything and more.

I remember that I was madly infatuated with the idea of this film as soon as I read it, a couple of years ago, until I idealized its form and content, dreaming about it, imagining it. In my dreams it was a different film.

The most problematic aspect of this documentary lies in its being a Fake at all costs, in wanting to define itself as something it is not: it does not have the depth (in the sense of mise en abyme) described in the press-kit and in the official synopsis, it is not a bio-pic (unlike the slogan...), it is not what it promises to be - hell, even the lenticular cover of the Severin mente edition! - is a documentary that joins a thousand others already released (Aenigma: Lucio Fulci and the 80s, Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered - Volume 1, Do you remember Lucio Fulci?, No longer responds, Tempus Fugit - An Inside Look at Director Lucio Fulci, La notte americana del Dr. Lucio Fulci...), with a meta-meta-meta frame in its own original way that serves as a pretext for the interviews.

Because it has to be said that Fulci, true, was ignored in life, but in the following years many books and documentaries have been dedicated to his work.

I was saying, I would have liked to love this film, maybe love it more. In fact, he still deserves affection, precisely as an act of love in turn.

An act of love towards certain cinema, and just as an act of love cannot be ignored. There is the documentation (increased in Blu-Ray by the strong presence of repertory materials accompanied by the comments of Michele Romagnoli - the scholar to whom we owe one of the two fundamental volumes on Fulci - the other is "Il Terrorista dei Generi" by Cacciatore and Albiero), there is the desire to present the director's "sentimental" background, there is a strong diplomacy of memory (so much so that we are amazed by the presence of the "loving" testimonies of Michele Soavi and Paolo Malco in the cut interviews of the extra content). There is the love of a daughter towards her father and the esteem of some collaborators.

On the technical side, the film is very well made, with a single note linked to the poor sound intelligibility of Camilla Fulci's testimony, due to an affectionate and very sweet use of her Romanesque. The subtitles (which cannot be deactivated!), very well adapted and made, in English, which perfectly summarize her thought, come to the aid.

I think it is, despite some flaws and criticalities listed, a film that should be part of any REAL fan and scholar of the director, next to the most badass books written about Fulci. The Italian edition of Blu-Ray, with identical contents, is coming out in September for the Midnight Factory.

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