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Action / Drama / Thriller



MI5 personnel are caught up in a traffic jam in London while escorting the CIA's most wanted terrorist to an arranged CIA handover point, when he is suddenly rescued by armed men on motorbikes. Harry Pearce, the head of Counter-Terrorism at MI5 is blamed for the terrorist escaping. Especially as Harry disappeared shortly after the incident. An ex-agent, Will Holloway, and protégé of Harry's is recalled by MI5 to assist in finding and bringing Harry in. However Harry has disappeared for a reason. Certain that there is a traitor in a senior position in MI5, he enlists the somewhat reluctant Will to help him in uncovering the rat or rats concerned.


Bharat Nalluri


Peter Firth
as Harry Pearce
Kit Harington
as Will Holloway
Elyes Gabel
as Adem Qasim
Jennifer Ehle
as Geraldine Maltby
Tim McInnerny
as Oliver Mace
Tuppence Middleton
as June Keaton
Eleanor Matsuura
as Hannah Santo

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamhoulding 8 /10

Something Old, Something New

For the uninitiated, 'Spooks' (or MI5 as the Yanks say) was a British television show centered around MI5 spies (nicknamed Spooks and essentially the British NSA). Be under no illusions: this doesn't have blind patriotism, missing super-weapons or a suave chiseled hero. And while Kit Harington is the handsome lead star, the actual star is none other than long-time veteran Peter Firth.

Ah Peter Firth. Never has a older man with wrinkles and a receding hairline been so bad-ass. Firth is the blend of George Smiley and Jack Bauer, a very British and Un-Hollywood-y figure. And that's the key to The Greater Good's success: it feels fresh and oh so British that it may confuse the Yank audience expecting car chases and epic showdowns. Even the Arabic villain is sympathetic, never cartoonish or monologuing, and similar in part to Anwar al- Awlaki. Even a slightly simple Kit Harington fits perfectly in the thrilling spy jigsaw, being a disgraced case officer slightly too soft for such a cold world.

And yes, case officer. Not secret agent, as one is completely disposable and the other uses such people to achieve, yes, the Greater Good. Bond would not last in this world, and Bauer would make melodrama of decisions. Pierce would be break it down to cruel ugly arithmetic, one dies while two lives. As modern spy-craft goes, this is the most realistic to hit the big screen yet.

If you haven't seen the television series, this is a solid British spy movie with a thrilling storyline. If you have, some sweet Easter eggs will leave you smiling with secret glee. This feels like not a television movie but a gritty British film worthy of recognition. The actors, directing, setting compliment each other perfectly. It feels like going to a fancy restaurant and eating the greatest dish of Bangers and Mash. Simply thrilling and unafraid to let the audience think, this is a solid movie experience.

This is destined to have a sequel. If not, it at least is a beautiful little gem in a pile of stones.

Reviewed by sacgazette 8 /10


Tight script. Good pacing. Excellent sound editing. Clever twists and some surprising turns. Great casting and acting. Better than the other MI movies with Ethan Hunt. Average soundtrack.

Reviewed by deastman_uk 5 /10

Ghost script protocol

For those who watched the series, this is quite satisfying - but not truly as a film.

Films like these are just a long set of tropes hopefully connected by enough narrative to get you by. The cinematography was pretty good - scenes of London all very well taken. Superior to the TV show.

But the competition in the cinema is not other TV shows, but other films. There are so many spy / action films that the action has to come at a higher standard whatever the intellectual potential of the show.

And this was the problem - much of the direction wasn't quite good enough to carry the action, there wasn't quite enough action and the plot itself was just a crafty rework of the TV show. Including the ridiculous 'breaking into MI5' nonsense.

Needed higher quality direction, more action, and a fresh plot. Please.

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