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In the 6 block radius of Wooster square lies the trifecta, Sally's, Pepe's and Modern. Three pizza palaces loved by everybody from Presidents to Rock Stars. Even Frank Sinatra used to send his driver all the way from Hoboken just to pick up some pies. And to the people of the Elm City, there's no question. Since Frank Pepe first wheeled his bread cart down Wooster street in 1925, New Haven has been home to the finest pizza on the planet. Coming off the success of his last feature, "Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements," which Rolling Stone named "one of the seven best music documentaries of the year," director Gorman Bechard moves from one lifelong obsession to another. This time taking a look at the long history, the families, the high and the lows of three universally recognized restaurants, and how a city that itself has gone through many highs and lows, has always rallied behind them. Pizza, A Love Story will feature interviews family members (including Sally's wife ...


Gorman Bechard

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Reviewed by klkuts 10 /10

Justice for CT and Pizza!

This documentary did a fabulous job of capturing both the heart of Connecticut and the value of three families who created food history. Definitely worth a watch!

Reviewed by pisces31180 8 /10

New Haven's Holy Trinity of Pizza!

This documentary reviews where the best pizza in America, (and possibly the world), has had a long history in New Haven, Connecticut. Three old school pizzerias-Pepe's, Sally's and Modern each have strong rival fan bases and immense popularity in a city that was rooted with Italian immigrants and experienced devastating effects of urban renewal. Food critics, celebrities and fanatics discuss how they travel far to have this pizza. The rich history of each pizzeria are all connected to the Italian community of New Haven. The film will have you craving pizza and eager to try the pizzas to judge for yourself.

Reviewed by biggreentruckpizza 9 /10

Spoiler alert! This film may make you want to drive to New Haven, eat great pizza, and in doing so ruin your ability to enjoy mediocre pies elsewhere.

This is a wonderful movie about pizza, specifically pizza in New Haven Ct, it's three famous pizzerias, their history, their fans, and their culture. It is full of lively interviews, many of which are with celebrities, archival photos and interior shots of the kitchens (and ovens) that have made these places famous. This is not a boring history lesson, nor is it a how make pizza video, it is an exploration by a pizza lover what makes this pizza so special, why do people love it so much, why do the fans do things like wait in line for two hours in the rain, where di it come from and why New Haven Ct? I never felt that the film dragged - it would seem that with such a seemingly limited focus - one dish in one city- it would be hard to make a feature length film but trust me, it is a subject that could be explored for hours and not get boring. There is a lot here for foodies and non foodies alike. It is a break from all the heavy documentaries, it is a glimpse into a world and culture that rewards even those who think they know it well, and rekindles the feeling that here is something special.

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