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Secrets in the Walls


Drama / Horror / Thriller



A mother and her two teenage daughters move into an ancient house in a suburb of Detroit, when it is offered at a very low price, much to the dislike of the elder daughter. Soon, the younger child begins to see strange things in the house, but the mother disregards her claims, saying that it is only her imagination. Then the elder child also begins to notice creepy phenomena but does not speak about it. Only when things take a more serious turn and the mother too starts to witness strange events does she realize that something really is wrong with the house.


Christopher Leitch

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Reviewed by el7 7 /10

I've Seen a Lot Worse

Secrets in the Walls is about a single mother who, after landing a great job in an area of town far from her apartment, fatefully stumbles across the perfect house after getting lost while trying to find her bus home. After moving her two daughters into the old house, strange events begin to take place as something seems to be stalking the older daughter, but only the younger daughter can sense how dangerous it really is.

The elements that make up this story are derivative, but they're derivative done reasonably well, and the actors all seem to be having fun with it, which adds a lot to a B movie's watchability factor. Also, some spooky stuff really does go down, especially in the film's first half. The second half is bogged down by the fact that the villain is trying to hide in plain sight and it kind of cramps her spooky style, but by that point she has fully earned a comeuppance and the desire to see it come to pass is just enough to hold the viewer's attention.

As to the derivative elements, there's a good deal of Haunting in Connecticut DNA here, as well as a splash of Amityville Horror, but the movie's biggest twist is lifted directly from The Ring. This movie isn't as good as any of those three, but it beats a lot of ghost stories I've seen on TV lately, and for a late night spent home alone, it's good enough to turn down the lights with a bowl of Parmesan popcorn and get creeped out.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 /10

I hear her cry, all day all night

SPOILER: Divorced mum and her two young daughters move into a big old house that's price is too good to be true. Soon strange things start to happen, and just what is that false wall doing there?

Secrets in the Walls doesn't offer up anything new to the haunted house formula, and the premise bears a striking similarity to a Richard Matheson story, but it is effective at what it does. Standard haunted house rules apply, with creaks, a music box, a creepy grate, spooky drawings and boo-jump shocks via reflections and peek-a-boo dark corners. It's competently performed by Jeri Ryan, Marianne Jean-Baptise, Kay Panabaker and Peyton Roi List, Christopher Leitch's direction is up to scratch for the spook and shiver narrative, and the music and photography tech credits are not intrusive and therefore well utilised for sustained suspense.

It's a safe recommendation to fans of the haunted house splinter of horror, and coming out of the Lifetime Movie Network it's impressive to find it's better than a lot of bigger budgeted Hollywood genre pictures that have trundled out in recent years. 7/10

Reviewed by atinder 6 /10

Really good for A TV movie

Single mother (Who as just been divorced) looking after 2 of Daughters Lizzy teens and the Molly who's little younger has got sixth sense about thing.

As this was TV movie, i did not expect much of it, I did enjoy this movie, the movie I saw Early which was Fertile Ground (2011) .

This movie Start when single mum goes on her new Job and on the way back she looked at a house, there family decided to movie in and it dose not take for Molly to feel something really bad in the house.

There were some decent spooky scene in this movie, it had some really good tense moment in the basement scene, which I found creepy at time for TV movie.

The acting was really good from most of the cast, this movie seem have the same feel as stir of echoes. this could have easily have been pasted at 3 but they also added little bit The Haunting in Connecticut (With teen girl moving in basement room)

Even it borrow some stuff from other movie, it decent chiller for TV movie.

6 out of 10

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