Abstruse (2019) torrent download



Action / Crime / Thriller



Two young women get themselves into a very compromising situation that proves life changing, the aftermath is almost worse as all trails of the event has been wiped out and all of a sudden the tables turn and Amanda goes from being the victim to the accused. Amanda's father decides to look into it only to realize it's much bigger than they first anticipated. The story heads to a Good Vs. Evil showdown to settle the score.


Tom Sizemore
as Max London
Joel Paul Reisig
as Police technician
Dennis Haskins
as Senator Stevens
Colleen Gentry
as Claudia Stevens
Harley Wallen
as Detective Caldwell

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pamelaannmeier 1 /10


This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!!! Total waste of money and time.

Reviewed by holminjone 1 /10

Amateur hour

I've seen better acting in a kindergarten play.

Don't waste your time on this!!

Reviewed by rickjroig 1 /10

Have no idea where the positive reviews are basing their comments.

Without a doubt, one of the worst movies I've had the displeasure to sit through. There is absolutely NOTHING good to say about this. It was like it was written and produced by a fifth grader!!! A "10" for this? A relative, no doubt!

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