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Comedy / Documentary / Drama / Romance



In January, a couple walks downtown at dawn. Is this a love story? Situations following after 'February' and 'March' put audiences in confusion. An intriguing narrative structure built on twisting time and converting relationships.


Park Jeong-hoon

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Reviewed by shibolleth 8 /10

True and innocent emotions

December is a small and simple film. It almost looks like it was made by students (which is also quite possible). But it also manages to deliver some kind of message, the one that is worth of attention. All the characters are young and they are telling story about love or, maybe, about falling in love. Narrative focus is on a boy that gets attention from two girls. What we see is the chance for love and a failure for its realization at the same time. As such, that's nothing extraordinary at first. However, on the other side, titular female character saves this film from being a letdown. She fills the whole story with true emotions and tells something real about maturing and what emotions mean for young people (and maybe, not only for them). Of course, this film could be also about alienating nature of Korean society (which certainly is, in a way, a case) but it's also very interesting and touching story, if you're careful enough to see it, about emotional growing of a person. In that sense this one is not only about winning or losing, but a more a story about seeing more than what is in front of you. Which is the reason why this film might deserve some attention.

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