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Honest Candidate





Politician Joo Sang-Sook (Ra Mi-Ran) is a member of the national assembly. She has been elected 3 times and she is now running for her 4th term. She is also a habitual liar, but, suddenly, she is unable to tell a lie.


Chang You-jeong


Ra Mi-ran
as Ju Sang-sook
Kim Mu-yeol
as Park Hee-cheol
Na Moon-hee
as Kim Ok-hee
Yoon Kyung-ho
as Bong Man-sik
Song Young-chang
as Lee Woon-hak
On Ju-wan
as Kim Joon-yeong
Jo Han-chul
as Nam Yong-seong

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nuke_mail 7 /10

Laughed so hard

Enjoy your meal with this. The story is just normal though..

Reviewed by Mr_Night_Owl 8 /10

Hilarious from Start to Finish

One of the funniest movies I've seen this year. Interesting plot, characters are endearing, Ra Mi-Ran as a lead carries the movie splendidly. It's a light-heated fun that will not offend you, it doesn't want to make a statement, but it still has a message which is; all politicians lie. One difference between this movie and other movies tackling this premise is that this one succeeds in making it entertaining.

Reviewed by mister_bateman 6 /10


The basic premise, albeit not totally original, is good in theory but the execution in this case is very mediocre. There are some mild laughs, but unfortunately the main protagonist is neither charismatic nor likeable. Actually she is kind of gross. Since female politicians aren't very likeable in general, it probably would have been better if it was a man. But even that wouldn't have been that much of an improvement. The script is simply bad and superficial. It's all about this lady winning her stupid election, but you don't sympathize with her, since she just went from being a corrupt scumbag to being a corrupt scumbag who's unable to lie.

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