Holiday Heist (2019) torrent download

Holiday Heist


Crime / Drama / Romance



A man released from prison is torn between a life of crime and a fresh start with a woman he meets while scoping out a potential heist

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EmmaNelly 8 /10

Cute holiday movie with a twist

This was cute. Some of the usual Christmas predictability... but I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by prickly101 8 /10

One didn't need to be Nostradamus...

The end was predictable from very early on, but I'll confess that I enjoyed the journey. This was a heartwarming Christmas movie. I found most of the characters believable and (apart from the 'Bad Guys' and the lead female's Policeman Boyfriend) rather adorable.

Since I wasn't expecting an Oscar-worthy movie, I found it a relaxing and enjoyable story of 'Christmas fluff' - just the thing pleasantly to occupy a holiday afternoon.

Reviewed by melissagoodman-81785 8 /10

I loved this holiday movie

I usually don't like holiday made for TV movies, but I loved this one. Although it was kind of predictable I enjoyed it.

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