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So Much Love to Give





Fernando is a family man - equally committed to each of his two families. But one wrong turn brings them crashing together.

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Reviewed by giovanniguiduccimx 1 /10

Stereotypes, bad acting, senseless plot

This movie made absolutely no sense. The acting is ridiculous and the plot is super stereotypical. What if they did the same but with the opposite genders? It would have been a giant scandal. Two men planning on removing a woman's reproductive organ so that she learns that she cannot cheat, because she is a son of a..., (Yes they say it so many times durinf the movie) and because she deserves to die or more? But even in this case, with a man having a double life, is this the message that we want to give to people? That if you cheat you deserve to die/be physically punished? Do we justify all the domestic violence then? This is otrageous and ridiculous people found this funny. The movie made no sense and gives a very dangerous message.

Reviewed by faer_kr 5 /10

Not something new

An Argentine comedy. It is about a man who has two families, two women with their selected children and uses the same routine every week to see them, but things get complicated by an accident. Quality. Entertaining It is not a film with a new story, we have already seen this in "a lover for three" with Sofía Vergara and Eduardo Verástegui or "women on the attack" with Cameron Díaz. We even saw it in novels like "Two Women One Way", "Two Homes" or "Válgame Dios" men who do the impossible to keep their women happy and not discover their double lives. Talk about revenge, about female solidarity and how we sometimes handle our impulses. Jokes and light situations. Performances in place. Just a moment is somewhat ridiculous. The end is acceptable although with the development that one has I expect something more.

Reviewed by GTWiecz 10 /10

Very entertaining

Great performances by all (especially the main character, funny guy), and beautiful Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata views. Nice to see a movie released in 2020 (pandemic year) that is well made. Good entertainment.

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