In the mountains of Sichuan, China, a researcher forms a bond with Qian Qian, a panda who is about to experience nature for the first time.


David Douglas


Kristen Bell
as Herself - Narrator
Wen Lei Bi
as Himself
Rong Hou
as Herself
Ben Kilham
as Himself
Jacob Owens
as Himself

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Reviewed by rannynm 10 /10

Wonderful family-friendly documentary about one of Earth's most loveable creatures

The fun family IMAX film, Pandas is wonderfully entertaining and educational. It is a documentary about the journey following one particular panda living in captivity, to its release into the wild. The movie begins when Chen Chen is just a pup, living with other baby pandas in captivity. Based on the black bear research of Ben Kilham, this lucky panda is released and followed in the wild. The American researcher, Jacob Owens and the Chinese researcher, Bi Wen Li work together to help bring Chen Chen into her natural environment. Along the journey, she has some awkward moments and challenging times. I won't tell you what they are because it would give away a big part of the movie.

My favorite scene is the beginning when we see Chen Chen and the other pandas playing together. In many ways, they seem just like little kids happily playing. My other favorite scene is when Ben Kilham is playing a peek-a-boo game with a black bear behind a tree (say that 10 times fast). The music, by Mark Mothersbaugh, is really child-like, which adds to the fun playfulness that we see with the pandas. The narration by Kristen Bell is spot on with her happy tone and soothing voice throughout the film. The sweetness in her voice adds to the enjoyment of the movie.

My favorite character has to be the adorable Chen Chen and also the researchers. Chen Chen is always entertaining because she is so cute, loving, has a great personality and is very curious. I especially love the part when the researchers say they will always be there for her whether it is in ten or 20 years. The message of this film is that, through research, working with others and a lot of patience, pandas and other endangered animals raised in captivity can be successfully released into the wild. The message also is that it is important to save species from extinction because "once they're gone, they're gone"

I recommend this film for ages 5 to 18 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Abigail Zoe L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

Reviewed by bretthnatiw 8 /10

Nice little film!

I thought it was a nice little insight into the conservation of pandas. If you want something cute, cuddly, and also short. This is it.

Reviewed by tan-74860 10 /10

A wonderful film about nature that you need to save!

I cried at the end of the movie at the cinema. And I'm not the only one. Panda did not survive in the wild, it was in the credits? A movie is very good, shot well, look in IMAX.

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