Three friends from school, Thomas, Nils and Andreas, are still searching for love in their adult lives.

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Reviewed by joachimmberger 1 /10

Schweiger and his daughter hit rock bottom

One of the many embarrassingly bad scenes is when Lilli Schweiger wants to impress her wanna-be-boyfriend: He plays a nice guitar song, then she starts hissing, whizzing and farting trying to imitate a Will-Smith-rap. Wanna-be-boyfriend says "Oh, you've got such skills"... Yeah well, compared to her (non-)acting that might be called a skill... Similarly annoying are the colour and brightness levels of the film (Someone must have been on LSD) ... and then the product placement (no mud on the speckless Mercedes driving into the ditch, Schweiger's restaurant, his beer etc.)...

Just a pity about the other good supporting actors, but they couldn't rescue this awful movie. After a few more scenes I just had to hit the stop. So sorry, I can't review the full movie. But hey, things can only get better from here.

Reviewed by 13SecondFilmReviews N/A

1 STAR. The worst actor-turned-director for 50, Alex...

Who is Til Schweiger! Correct, you've hit the daily double. This film is so disjointed and unfunny that Mr. Schweiger would be well-advised to stick to being in front of the camera...cuz he surely doesn't know what he's doing behind it. And what a sorry excuse for a script!

Reviewed by diaanaz 3 /10

Really, is this called a comedy?

If this is a comedy, then I am the next president of USA. Germans definitely have a very specific sense of humor, but there is nothing funny in this film. Perhaps, if I was a 45 year old housewife, I would like this film. Three stars for the filmmakers' effort though.

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