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America's Greatest Animals





Africa has a name for the most magnificent beasts on the continent. The legendary Big Five: Elephant, Lion, Water Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard. But now, there are other giants that must be recognized. Half a world away, there is an ensemble of creatures born of equal power and majesty. A new Big Five: the titans of North America.America's Greatest Animals takes us across North America on a revelatory mission: which of the continent's landmark creatures deserve to make the list? Which iconic giants command our highest level of respect, reverence and fear?


Bray Poor
as Narrator

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Reviewed by bevo-13678 10 /10


I like the bit with the bear. It was the best animal of the lot

Reviewed by Roy_McAvoy 9 /10

On a whim...

I was a bit skeptical going in to this having read all of the review beforehand. But I found myself in total agreement... the bit with the bear was the best of the lot. I liked it as well.

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