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The Lost Empire


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Romance



After officer Rob Wolfe is killed trying to stop a gang of ninjas from robbing a jewelery store, his sister, officer Angel Wolfe, vows to avenge his death. Her investigation leads her to the mysterious Dr. Sin Do, who is supposedly in league with an undead wizard named Lee Chuck. The doctor is holding a martial arts tournament on a secret island fortress, so Angel, after rounding up some of her martial-artist friends, enters the tournament in the hopes of finding Sin Do and Lee Chuck and bringing them to justice.


Jim Wynorski


Melanie Vincz
as Angel Wolfe
Angela Aames
as Heather McClure
Paul Coufos
as Rick Stanton
Angus Scrimm
as Dr. Sin Do / Lee Chuck

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heedarmy N/A

Gleefully silly

This absurd farrago is something of a guilty pleasure on my part. Anticipating (15 years early) the recent "Charlie's Angels" movie, it features three ethnically-mixed women, all martial arts experts, investigating a preposterous plot and thoroughly intimidating the various hapless males they stumble across.

The film begins with "Dirty Harriet" type cop action and climaxes with gladiatorial battles and a sub-Bondian villain threatening the world with a doomsday weapon that looks alarmingly like a giant phallus. It's fast-moving, funny and good-natured enough to be enjoyable viewing.

Reviewed by Paynebyname 4 /10

Worth it just for Raven

OK, this isn't a good film by any stretch of the imagination but you don't really get it for that do you? I bought it just to see Raven de la Croix as I remember seeing this when a youngster and her being this incredible figure of white on a horse (white star is her character name).

The plot and FX are laughable but the music was surprisingly better than expected almost sounding like the works of John Carpenter.

Unfortunately the film is only a 15 so there's no real sex but the image of Raven in some kind of very short, dream state when she has a snake draped round her neck is mind bendingly erotic and worthy of the purchase price.

Reviewed by DJ Inferno N/A

Cheesy but fun!

This film was featured on German cable for 6 or 7 times during the last few years and tells the story of three Bond-like chicks which get undercover into the army of super-villain Sin Do who threats the world with laser weapons or whatever...

To tell an interesting or demanding plot is a minor matter, because "The Lost Empire" is trash in perfection! The costumes (none of the female "actress" wears one...), the set decoration and the special F/X are more than lousy (even for the 80s standard!) and will remind you sometimes on the old Ed Wood-movies! The film itself however is funny and entertaining from beginning till the end! Two actors are worth to be mentioned: the one is Raven de la Croix, the unforgotten voluminous actress from Russ Meyer´s cult exploitationer "Up!". The other is Angus Scrimm who performs the bad guy and is still well-known for his role as "tall man" from the "Phantasm"-series. The rest of the film is a silly mixture between nude girls, cat fighting scenes and Z-grade action.

In other words: a must-see for every fan of trash-gems and the lovers of cheesy C-movie homages!!!

Jim Wynorski has created his masterpiece with this!!!

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