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Valeria is 17 and pregnant. She lives in Puerto Vallarta with Clara, her half sister. Valeria has not wanted her long-absent mother, April, to find out about her pregnancy, but due to the economic strain and the overwhelming responsibility of having a baby in the house, Clara decides to call their mother. April arrives, willing to her daughters, but we soon understand why Valeria had wanted her to stay away.


Michel Franco

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Reviewed by Raven-1969 9 /10

On the Bossy Side of Parenting

Some parents are on the bossy side. Valeria, 17 and pregnant, dreads this about her mother, April. She does not want judgments about the baby or her carefree Puerto Vallarta beach lifestyle. Yet motherhood soon overwhelms Valeria, who cries as much as her newborn, and she and her feckless boyfriend quickly change their minds about having April around. Things come full circle again when Valeria realizes the shocking conditions that come with April's care and attention. "We demand too much of women," said the writer/director. "They are judged more severely than men when they make a mistake." The film explores this double standard imposed upon women as well as some of the things that make their lives more complicated and intriguing. The bold moves, zest and determination essential to April's character are played wonderfully by Emma Suarez. A nail-biting tension is maintained throughout the film. Characters are properly balanced, just as there is no good or evil in the world, just people and life. In other words, nothing is black and white. The film relies on ambient sound, such as soothing ocean waves. "Music demands a role of its own," maintains the director, and he did not want it to distract from the points he makes in the film. Selected for the Cannes and Toronto festivals. Seen at the Miami Film Festival.

Reviewed by Morten_5 7 /10

Interesting plot, good acting

28th STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. DAY 2, NOV 9th 2017. Swedish premiere.

‪With good performances overall and an interesting plot, the film works well as an exploration of family relations, manipulation and betrayal.‬

‪‪The fifth feature film from Mexican writer-director Michel Franco, "April's Daughter" (2017) was shot in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. Actors Emma Suárez, Ana Valeria Becrril, Enrique Arrizon and Joanna Larequi has a believable chemistry. Thematically powerful.‬

Reviewed by mikalagrand 3 /10

Just bad

No idea why this movie is standing at an average of seven on IMDB. Normally drama movies are quite reasonable, but this movie is just bad. Let me explain, I won't go to much into detail, inorder to not "spoil" the movie.

Valerie and her sister live in a beach house, their mother lives quite far away and was pregnant of her first child at the same age as Valerie. This is why Valerie doesn't want to get her mother involved. When her mother does eventually get involved it turns out that the parents of her boyfriend also didn't know about the child. Instead of helping Valerie and her boyfriend, their parents work together to take the child away from them.

Valerie's mother tells her boyfriend what her plan is and our hero is faced with a choice; keep the secret or reveal the secret to his girlfriend. So what do you think he does? He has intercourse with Valerie's mother and moves in with her, yeah this movie is on the level of 'The Room' from 2003. If you want to know what happens after that (you don't), go see the movie yourself. While watching the movie you don't care about the protagonists whatsoever and in the second half you can just predict what's gonna happen next.

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