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An entitled Basketball star is forced during suspension to tour with a dismal charity league. In the process he has the most bizarre on the road experiences in the history of the game, in the end discovers what is truly important in life.

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Reviewed by WatchAndSmile 4 /10


3.6/10 Bad acting, bad script, boring, weird jokes that are often not funny. I didn't think it would be this bad and expected 5-6/10 flick with some humor,but bad script just didn't cut it.

Reviewed by fredzout 2 /10

Stale stinker

Unfunny stinker feels like it must have sat on a shelf for a few years until the shutdown got it semi-released. Seriously, there are even pop culture references like fidget spinners and wool hats that are already playing as dated and stale. It's just keeps getting worse, scene after scene

Reviewed by cekadah 4 /10

Heeeee - Heeeeeeeeee!

So stupid you have to watch it.

Director: Tom Hines and Writers: Mark S. Allen, Howard Burd are to be congratulated for coming up with this mess!

A narcoleptic basketball player - what a hoot!

Adult babies!

And the TSA basketball team - it's not what you think!

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