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Reviewed by donkilluminati-73026 8 /10

A fun hour. For those who like Steve-O

This is a very fun hour of material if you like Steve-O. If you're expecting jackass 4 go somewhere else. It's just him recounting old memories plus some new ones you haven't seen. I really enjoyed it. But I follow him and knew exactly what I was getting. A standup/visual account of stuff mixed together. Which I thought was great.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 6 /10

It's a stand-up act

Steve-o mention this "movie" on his youtube-channel. He had gathered the old gang for something new! And I thought it would be reminiscent of the Jackass-movies or something, but no! Make no mistake, this is a stand up comedy special.

It has a couple "stunts" that are filmed elsewhere, but the rest is Steve-O doing stand-up with a guest thrown in here and there.

But I like Steve-O and Gnarly isn't bad. But if you follow his youtube channel, you've probably heard most of the "stand-up" material before, save the one of two new segments. Some video footage etc.

So yeah. It is what it is. Enttertaining, but far from a revolution of any kind.

Reviewed by evil-67434 10 /10

Only for the hardcore fans

I think it's great to see Steve come through all the drugs and hard times and be doing some awesome positive y things with his life. His podcasts and animal rights stuff are great and I love all his new content but I can see how it doesn't appeal to many.

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