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Romantic Comedy


Comedy / Documentary / Romance



Musician and writer Elizabeth Sankey investigates the past, present and future of romantic comedies, assisted by a chorus of critics, actors and filmmakers.


Elizabeth Sankey

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Reviewed by cruzarts-73946 3 /10

Annoying Affected Narration

The assemblage of movie clips is phenomenal, but the constant droning by an affected narrator whose put-on accent indicates she thinks she stepped out of PHILADELPHIA STORY robs this documentary of watchability and interest.

A horrible shame, really: this is a worthwhile topic made boring.

Reviewed by edwardiancinema 4 /10

Getting away from the main point here

Romantic Comedy contains many clips of films dating back from the 1930's- present day. The film maker attempts to make the point that many of these Rom Coms were heterosexual and all had happy endings, some with implausible happy endings, and the LGBTQ ones have been hidden, independent, more obscure titles. Well I believe the main point here is escape. People wanted an escape from their day to day lives so they went to the movies to see a nice film, which is why many of the 1930's-50's rom coms have the happy endings they do. People must remember that it is only a movie and not real life. If you are looking for love, a relationship, you have to find it yourself. It is not going to be a fairy tale romance like in a Julia Roberts Rom Com.

Reviewed by snazzybobblington 8 /10

Great analysis of romcoms

I saw this at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2019.

It is a meta film about romcoms just like 'Beyond Clueless' (whose director was also at the screening apparently), which was about teen films

It was really good! in the film and in the QnA the director went hard on diversity which is superimportant

Some clip choices stuck out for me, like 'grosse point blank' popped up a few times but wasn't discussed at all and is to my mind quite a subversive romcom.

The end of the romcom as a genre was rued, but maybe more attention could be paid to how bad later versions were .. i'm thinking about films like 'there's something about mary' for example

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