The Search for Santa Paws (2010) torrent download

The Search for Santa Paws


Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Musical



Magic dogs and an elf team up with two children to rescue Santa who has lost his memory.


Robert Vince


Diedrich Bader
as Comet (voice)
Sahar Biniaz
as Posh Poodle Woman
Jan Bos
as Newscaster
Dawn Chubai
as World News Reporter

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by j-jessie-weaver 1 /10

They call this a Christmas movie? A mean spirited pile of garbage is more like it.

This is absolutely the most mean spirited, dark and depressing excuse of a movie that Walt Disney Pictures has ever made. If you expect me to believe this is a Christmas movie, you are sadly mistaken. There are barely any lighthearted moments and the rest of the film is just scenes of the sadistic orphanage owner mentally abusing the children; Especially threatening the two girls of throwing them into an incinerator. She even has the GALL to confiscate Quinn's angel Christmas decoration; Mind you, the only thing she has left to remind her of her deceased mother. I cannot even believe this was fine to put in a movie centered around the holiday about the birth of Jesus. It is absolutely mind-boggling.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Santa loses his memory, gets separated from Paws, who, by the way, is one of the few likable characters in this movie, becomes mortal and almost dies. Yes, I did, indeed, say that. Santa Claus almost dies. And to top it all off, Paws and Quinn are nearly killed in the incinerator when she rescues him. Let me remind you, this is a movie that presents itself as cute and happy to a young target audience. Do the scenes I just mentioned sound like a Christmas movie to you? No? I think that proves my point.

The Air Buddies franchise may be the most terrible thing ever to be spawned into existence, but at least it's positive and has a lighthearted tone to it. The Search for Santa Paws? NO. There is nothing to like about this film, point blank period. It is ugly, disgusting and depressing in every facet. I honestly do not see this as a Christmas movie. It does not deserve to be called a family holiday film and could easily scare kids or give them nightmares.

Paws and the dogs are only a lazy gimmick and the writing is abysmal. The only actors who felt like they were putting effort into their performances were the kids, the people playing Santa, Mrs. Claus, the child who voiced Paws and the elves. The rest of the cast is just flat out cold and lifeless. I also forgot to mention that this movie has some of the worst CGI that I've seen in years.

If you want to see a good Christmas movie, see Rudolph or any of the other classics. Disney, for someone who has watched your movies since she was little, you have a really disappointed viewer. This movie outright destroys the true meaning of Christmas. If you ask me, it should've been rated PG-13.

Reviewed by JenEvans1 8 /10

Kids will love it

Watched this with our grandchildren aged eight and four and they were absolutely enthralled! I can understand why the other reviewer criticised it, if you compare it to the Santa Clause ones, then it certainly falls short but then most Christmas films would, wouldn't they?. Just because a film is not the best one in a category doesn't mean that its a failure. This one certainly isn't! Don't forget you are dealing with children here and they have not seen the hundreds of Christmas films that we adults have. I would guess that they are not watching to see whether the dog's voices are in sync with their mouths, either.... My grandchildren loved it. I won't hear a word against it. Nuff said?

Reviewed by bunecarlos 1 /10

This is a Christmas movie for KIDS?

The talking animals and kids are cute, and if you can make it past the cruel orphanage administrator who casts children into a creepy basement as a punishment and a dying Santa in a hospital (that included an oxygen mask and tubes!), you just might like the happy ending in the last 5 minutes of this awful movie.

My 8-year old twins either just sat there quietly or cried throughout, as my wife and I reassured them that Santa wouldn't die.

Richard Riehle is a good actor (see: Office Space), but miscast as a odd-looking, less-than-robust Santa. Most mall Santas would have been a better choice.

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