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A Hawaian single mother who chased away the fathers of her daughters runs a wedding planning business with them. Lily returns with them after trying her luck on the mainland and rejecting the wedding proposal of perfect catch James, who still follows on later. They women makes such messes of their private lives, due to impossible expectations, that they even scare off some client couples.

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Reviewed by Quinoa N/A

This Film is a Fresh Take on the old Romantic Comedy Formula

I really loved this film, from the animation back story to the most awkward and uncomfortably funny opening scene that cut away at just the right moment, I felt my anticipation grow to watch something I felt was going to be really whimsical and special.

I was not disappointed. I was completely engaged in the story, loved the simplicity of the arc and the complexity of the relationships. I love how fleshed out all the women were with their distinct personalities, strategies and coping mechanisms.

And the film's star and writer brought something so fresh and authentic and smart and vulnerable and was so simple in her delivery. I realized I was so invested in Lily's journey and I never say that when watching romantic comedies my girlfriends drag me to for girls' night. What a comically flawed but beautifully human character she created.

Good to see Michael Kang reunite with Illeana Douglas and Sung Kang too! She's fierce and funny and such a cool mom in all her messed up glory. So great to see Sung in such a different role from Motel. The guy is such a talent, can't wait to see what you two collaborate on next.

Anyhow, it was really inspiring to see something like 4 Wedding Planners on the big screen with Asian American characters who have family and fall in love and bicker and make up like normal people and real life.

Reviewed by vchimpanzee N/A

Adorable, funny, sometimes difficult to watch

The movie begins--I assume in Hawaii since the rest of the movie is set there--with Miriam's first husband proposing very publicly at an event with Hawaiian dancers and entertainers.

Miriam's story is told through animation. She had Lily, but her first husband did something wrong and she was single. Miriam tried again with a second husband and had Twinny. Again, something happened and she was single again. With husband no. 3 she had Hoku. And something happened. Somewhere along the line Miriam started her wedding planning business Tying the Knot.

In the present, Lily is back in Hawaii for a wedding her mother and sisters are planning. She lives on the mainland, and her boyfriend wants to marry her but she doesn't believe in marriage.

Lily doesn't want to work for the business, but she happens to be around when Tina has a crisis, and Lily solves the problem (to the dismay of another couple who now have to find another venue). Lily reluctantly agrees to stay around and help with this wedding. Twinny, who has a daughter already, is very pregnant and there are signs she and Roy aren't getting along, but she continues to work. Hoku suspects Roy of cheating. And the business may be in trouble.

In high school, Lily dated Kai. Kai is now a science teacher and Lily and Kai meet at what appears to be a park, where Kai is teaching kids. Lily doesn't know Kai is dating Hoku.

So will Hoku's marriage survive? Will the business survive? Will Lily find out who she really belongs with?

This is a pleasant enough movie, though I didn't like a lot of the characters. I liked Kai and I liked Twinny, but that's it. Lily is kind of hard to take. She's quite independent and just doesn't have the personality that appeals to me. Hoku is demanding and quirky and wears too much makeup. She doesn't do much for me either. But I'm describing how I feel. I think both characters will appeal to others in their own way.

The leading actors do a good enough job, I suppose.

There is a sad scene where Hoku's father leaves for good and this upsets the girl a great deal. Lily has no sympathy, saying Daddies are not supposed to stay around.

Chris Taloa does quite a good job in the scene where as Roy he finally reveals what has been going on in his life.

There is lots of good music, some of it connected with Hawaiian culture.

It's a cute movie that can get serious, and probably appropriate for family viewing as well.

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