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Ice Sculpture Christmas


Comedy / Drama / Romance



David Manning brilliantly prepares to succeed his tycoon father Ellis as CEO of an investment firm. Bumping into childhood acquaintance Callie Shaw, an aspiring chef recently employed as dishwasher at the country club thanks to her decoration-expert father Frank, he is charmed and seeks dates. Hearing about the club's annual ice sculpting competition and knowing she's expert at it, he enters her, which she fears makes her look disloyal to her dreaded boss chef Gloria, thrice winner, who refuses to let her bail out 'as if under pressure'. David neglects doing his share a major account to train as Callie's partner in the competition. Invited for a home dinner, David even befriends widower Frank and volunteers to turn into reality Frank's late wife's charitable dream. Gloria's jealous deputy stops at nothing to sabotage Callie, whose work ethic impresses the chef.


David Mackay


Rachel Boston
as Callie Shaw
David Alpay
as David Manning
Brenda Strong
as Chef Gloria
Paul McGillion
as Frank Shaw
Mark Brandon
as Ellis Manning

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by utgard14 7 /10

Pretty good

Having not seen each other since they were kids, aspiring chef Callie (Rachel Boston) and rich man's son David (David Alpay) are reunited and fall in love while working together to win an ice sculpture competition. Enjoyable Hallmark movie that benefits from very likable leads and a pleasant tone without some of the more irksome parts of the Hallmark formula. Don't get me wrong, this is a routine Hallmark movie in many ways. But having seen so many of these things I really appreciate the ones that try to mix it up even a little. For example, the guy in this one does not have a witch of a fiancée and the girl does not have a fiancé that focuses too much on work. Those are two of the more common Hallmark tropes and I was happy to see neither present here. In fact, there is no love triangle in this, save for a brief point where Callie is given the wrong impression about David's relationship with a friend of the opposite sex. That alone is a refreshing change in the made-for-TV romcom landscape. But there are some elements you will have undoubtedly seen in other movies like this. For example, David's subplot about not wanting to take over his father's business is pretty trite and the ambitious and jealous coworker of Callie's is a walking cliché. But the movie needed a villain, I suppose.

I actually think one of the reasons it works so well is that there isn't much of the usual romcom cartoon villainy, outside of that one character (and maybe David's dad in one or two scenes). The plot provides some bumps in the road for the couple but never any major roadblocks. To some, that might sound boring, but to me it's one of the reasons I like Hallmark movies. This is feel-good entertainment that's easy to digest. Rachel Boston is a delight and David Alpay has an easygoing, gentle quality about him. Their chemistry is believable, which is half the battle. It's a good way to pass the time for a couple of hours. If you're a fan of Hallmark's usual output, you'll likely enjoy this.

Reviewed by bethanytntsa 10 /10

Your Typical Feel Good Hallmark Movie

The movie overall is great. The main difference between this movie and other Hallmark ones is that the plot line isn't blatantly predictable. The chemistry between the two leads is great, and the entire movie was completely realistic. One of my favorite parts of the movie was the relation of the beginning, where the lead characters are shown as kids, to the present day. It really gets the viewer thinking about what would transpire between them, which will come later. It also shows the good side of humanity with the character of David. There is little hostility in the movie among characters, as this is replaced by self vs self conflicts sprinkled around. I would certainly recommend if looking for a fun and slightly romantic Christmas movie to remind us all about the spirit of Christmas.

Reviewed by pagirl-83804 10 /10

One of Hallmark's Best

I fell in love with this Movie the minute I watched it. It just grabbed me in a way that made me feel Love had blossomed from the beginning to the end; so much so, I had to special order it from WalMart.

I have watched and purchased a lot of Hallmark Films. With the Christmas Season in the air, they are playing non-stop. A few others I have purchased and I hope you love are: A Boyfriend for Christmas, Snow Bride, A Very Merry Mix-up, A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride, 12 Men of Christmas, The Christmas Shoes, Home by Christmas,Debbie Macomber's: Trading Christmas, and The Holiday.

These all may not be Hallmark Movies, but are great Holiday Movies to help you enjoy your Christmas.

These are just a few I wish to mention.

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