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Chance? Coincidence? Prophecy? THE FINAL RESOLUTION is an in-depth examination of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 666 and how it parallels Revelation 13: 16-18.

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Reviewed by djrandmpr-01600 2 /10

A Now Dated Examination of an Event That Isn't the Biblical "666"

** Spoilers **

Rather poor documentary that starts in a more intriguing manner than it ends.

The concept is that a United Nations Security Council Resolution that just so happens to be numbered 666 is somehow related to the AntiChrist, mentioned in Revelation 13:16-18. Fortunately, or otherwise for the movie, the passage of time has shown that the resolution doesn't have the slightest connection. After all, the resolution was adopted on September 13, 1990, and this review was written in June 2019, yet we are still waiting for the st. art of last 7 years of mankind's rule on Earth.

The documentary consists of a short reading and explanation of the contents of the UN Resolution in question, followed by many interviews with individuals selected for the film. The sole knowledgeable person is the gentleman wearing a T-Shirt and having lots of tattoos. He's apparently read the Book of Revelation, all 22 chapters of it, so he knows what he's talking about. None of the others have much, if any, understanding of the Book. Incidentally, the title of the Book is singular, not plural. Consequently, it's aggravating to hear just about everyone else referring to it as Revelations.

My rating of 2 stars, rather than 1, was due only to the fact that I've seen even worse movies than this example. Please don't waste 59 valuable minutes of your life watching this - do something more productive, such as having a nap, or picking your nose.

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