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The Fearless Hyena


Action / Comedy



Shing Lung (Jackie Chan) is a youngster, living in a remote village with his grandfather who teaches him Kung-Fu. He keeps getting into fights, even though his grandfather warns him not to show their Kung-Fu to others. Lung, though, is tempted by some thugs he beat up to act as the Master of a Kung Fu school. This school's name apparently spreads far, as an old enemy of Lung's grandfather shows up and attacks him. Lung goes on training with the help of another member of the old gang, until he can eventually get revenge.


Kenneth Tsang


James Tien
as Grandpa
Yen Shi-Kwan
as Yen Chuen Wong
Lee Kwan
as Tee Cha
Chan Wai-Lau
as Unicorn
Cheng Fu-Hung
as Great Bear
Ma Cheung
as Iron Head

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J_Charles N/A

best fight scenes

Some of Jackie's best fight scenes ever are in this one. Nobody mentioned the one near the end where he's attacked by 3 guys with spears / machetes (you'll see what I mean). The attacks come one at a time, and then all in sequence. The cuts show that there are very few breaks in the action, lots of continuous fighting. Amazing nobody got seriously injured or even killed during the filming.

Another scene of note that everyone talks about is the chopstick scene. But how about the fight against the guy with the two swords? Yet another death defying feat of timing, reflexes and luck.

If you don't enjoy HK humour then don't watch it. But the fight scenes are among the best ever. For those complaining about the dubbing, relax - even the Cantonese version suffers from very poor dubbing. I think it was just the studios at the time trying to save money.

Reviewed by Martialartsfanatic 10 /10


I'm a huge fan of Jackie Chan, and I've seen over 25 of his movies, and The Fearless Hyena is definently one of the best. Though the humour is pretty dumb, and lots of the characters are un-necessary(Like Stoney Egg, the Great Bear, and Iron Head)the fights are staged beautifully. Especially the ending fight scene!The story isn't so bad either.Even though it's your usual: guy's family memeber gets killed, guy trains, guy gets revenge type of movie, it's still good.Please don't get Fearless Hyena 1 and 2 mixed up. I've heard Two is really bad. So, I definitely suggest that you buy The Fearless Hyena part 1!

Reviewed by Blitz-5 10 /10

You gotta love Jackie Chan... A+ flick

Not only are the martial arts techniques executed with skill. The humor is also top notch. Iron Head, The Great Bear and Stoney Egg are classic! If you like martial arts flicks at all or are a fan of the 3 Stooges. This is a must see for you. I'm already on my 3rd copy:-)

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