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Homeless Ashes





Frankie, a young boy who stands up to his fear and runs from home ending up homeless with no choice but trying to survive life on the streets.

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Reviewed by cherylasneve 10 /10

A very moving film

This film is very special and highlights many important issues that our society faces today. The characters and storyline touched my heart and brought me to tears a number of times, as it's so sensitively directed and beautifully filmed. The characters stayed with me long after I finished watching it.

Reviewed by suzy-42 9 /10

Powerful, moving & thought provoking!

I was lucky enough to catch Homeless Ashes at the Southampton Film Festival. Such a powerful, moving and thought provoking film with great performances. The Cinematography and locations were fantastic, Marc and the team should be so proud of this piece of work. I would highly recommend you see it!

Reviewed by actormarczammit 10 /10

The 4 reviews below this

I'm not sure who you are. But one the film is not even out yet.

All posted on the same day at the same time and some reason written the very same way.

Who ever clearly wrote those 4 horrible bitter reviews is clearly trolling on the project.


dedwards-04373 Thanks for calling me a narcissist for someone who is rating a film recommended to them you seem to have a personal attack on me when you dont know me? which does not seem like a review but just a bitter attack to bring down the film. If you geniunly didnt like the film thats ok but we tried our best with our vision.

A percentage of the profits do go to charities. I am sure you have not done your research hard enough as you will actually see charity thanking us publicly. Claiming our film is a scam which is false allgations.

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